How to Write Statement of Purpose for internship? -

How to Write Statement of Purpose for internship?

Internships are considered now highly necessary aspects of one’s academic career. To get into a reputed university, you need to showcase that you possess sufficient internship experience. For getting into an internship, which is going to help you in the long run, you need to know how to write a statement of purpose for internship.

The main goal of this document would be to justify why you see yourself as the right candidate for this position and how this position is going to help you in your envisioned academic/career path. Remember to begin the document with a short introductory paragraph on why are you writing the said document. The introduction also helps you draw the attention of the reader very early so that he or she reads the rest of it attentively.

Before going into the detail of how to write statement of purpose for internship, it is important to mention that there are no simple fixes to write such a document. The following points are important to be kept in mind while writing the document. However, you should always let your creativity shape the document in your own unique way as that will be original and would definitely increase the chances of getting the internship.

Create an outline as to what you are going to write: It is always recommended that for any writing, you should create an outline before beginning the actual writing. In this case of internship as the qualifications of most of the applicants will be highly comparable, your focus should be on highlighting your unique traits or qualifications along with demonstrating that you meet all the eligibility criteria.

  • What made you interested in the internship: This is what your employer really want to know. It should not look like that you are applying here as you don’t have any other opportunity. Always highlight why you are particularly interested in this opportunity and how that is going to help you in the long run.
  • What you can bring onto the table: As part of the internship you are going to be working with other employees of the company, so you need to highlight what you could bring onto the table which is going to benefit the company. The uniqueness of your candidature is what you are supposed to elaborate in detail here.

You are going to tell your story and it needs to be completely yours: The main aim of this document is to inform your recruiter who you are, why you consider yourself apt for the role, and highlight your capabilities. It is best to stitch an engaging narrative that encompasses all these points holistically. The narrative approach generally works the best in this regard as that showcase how your life have moved so far and why it has moved in this manner, and how you intend to see yourself in the future. This picture really helps your recruiter to decide whether you fit into the company.

Showcase that you have done research: Recruiters always want to see whether you are genuinely interested in the position that they are offering. So if you are clear why you are applying for a particular position, then express that in the best possible manner. This will make the recruiter believe that you are honestly interested in the concerned internship. If the recruiter is convinced in this regard then your chances of getting the position significantly increases.

Ensure that the internship statement of purpose is technically correct: Often students put in efforts in writing the document, but falter in ensuring that everything is in order. So spend some extra minutes in double checking that everything you have written in the document is technically correct and factually proper. Do pay attention to the following points:

  • Check for grammatical errors and typos
  • Ensure that all the points are clearly stated and unambiguous
  • Make sure that you have followed the prescribed format, if any

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If you are familiar with proofreading tips and techniques then it really helps you to do a neat job.

Concluding remark: The main point to remember for writing a winning statement of interest for internship is that you need to be convincing enough to your recruiter that you are the one they are looking for. You need to maintain a balance between what they are looking for and what you can offer and if you can demonstrate there is strong match, then that increases the chances of your application getting successful. However, remember that there is no magic formula for writing an SOP that is going to be successful, you need to keep writing and modifying till the point you are entirely convinced with your effort. You can ask your friends to read it as they can highlight areas which are not coming out well or need strengthening.


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