Student Infographics Contest 2018

Infographics Contest 2018

To recognize the importance of visual communication and encourage students in this field, we have launched Annual Infographic Contest for students. Students are given topics to choose from (see below), on which they are asked to make impressive infographics. 

Awards to be won

Winner: $ 400 each (3 winners)

1st Runner-up: $ 250 each (4 winners)

2nd Runner-up:$ 100 each (11 winners)


Registrations are OPEN (free to register). Last date for submission: 31 Jan 2018. Results to be announced on 10 Feb 2018

General Rules

  • Infographic image should be 1000 px wide and atleast 3000 px long
  • Image should be in .jpeg format
  • Should not be copied from Internet
  • You must have edit file of your infographic (to check originality)
  • Email your infographic at:

Judgement Criteria

  • Creative use of graphics and overall visual appeal
  • Well researched content on the topic you have chosen
  • Analysis content (Figures, Graphs, Reasoning, Charts)
  • Ease of interpretation
  • Grammar and Spelling
  • Jury members of will be final and can not be contested

Helping hand

  • You may use free online tools like
  • Google Search ‘infographics’ to check good infographics
  • Watch some youtube videos on how to make infographics
  • Invest time in reading about the topic


  • Depression in University (Reasons and Solutions)
  • How to ace in your assignments
  • Different kinds of academic essays
  • Problems faced by International Students and their solutions.
  • How to find part-time jobs
  • Top online tools students must have and why
  • Apart from being good at academics, which skills students must develop in Uni

Registration is OPEN NOW !

 Last date for registration is 31 Jan 2018

Cool infographics from which you can take inspiration

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