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Information Technology Assignment Question

Case Study: Youi’s New Headquarters 

Youi Australia (Youi Pty Ltd) is a registered general insurance company, which began as a  small star-up at Sunshine Coast in March 2008. Its products include motor, home, and  watercraft insurance. The company experienced a rapid growth since its foundation. It takes  more than 3 per cent market share in car and house insurance across Australia and New  Zealand. The number of staff has expanded from 30 to over 900.  

To accommodate its continuing growth, Youi decided to build their new global headquarters  next to University of the Sunshine Coast at Sippy Downs. The new headquarters will span  across 4.8 hectares, including 1800 car parks. The new office will house up to 2,000 workers,  and become the home to all corporate positions including IT, marketing, and HR.  

Good network infrastructure at the new headquarters should be capable of connecting all  devices, offices, and staff. Youi understands this is a vital factor to support and enable its  future growth. Therefore, it hopes to obtain a dependable plan for its network infrastructure  before the actual construction work starts. 

End of Case Study 

Assignment Task 

You are a member of the network planning team, and need to write a formal business  management report to explain your solutions and recommendations about the future network  infrastructure for Youi’s new headquarters.  

Your target audience is executive business people, who have extensive business experience  but limited ICT knowledge. They would like to be informed as to how your solutions may be  beneficial to their business. Therefore, the report needs to recommend the  telecommunications and networking technologies to be used in terms of business benefit.  You may need to compare your recommendation with other available technologies.  

Specifically, your report should discuss possible solutions for the following 3 topics in the  main body.  

Network Infrastructure 

1) Network convergence and unified communications 

2) LAN types and cabling plan 

3) WAN connection with branches 

4) Transmission media and connecting devices 

5) IP and DNS management 

Networked Services 

Propose to deploy 4 types of network services. Candidates can be, but not limited to,  VOIP, WWW, Intranet, Extranet, Email, and Web Services.  

Data Processing Facilities 

1) 3.1 Data storage solution. Candidates can be, but not limited to, data centre, SAN, Cloud, and distributed database. 

2) 3.2 Data processing model. Candidates can be, but not limited to, C/S and P2P.

ICT120 Introduction to Telecommunications and Networks Assignment 2  

When you provide solutions to each topic, remember to explain their benefits to some of the  following items:  

  • The operation of the headquarters 
  • The collaborations between the headquarters and global branch offices The operation of the business 
  • The satisfaction of customers 

Note that you are requested to focus on the use of technologies into the proposed plan,  but not the discussion of actual network and infrastructure requirements. 

Information Technology Assignment Answer

Telecommunication is a critical apparatus for the success of organisations. It empowers organisations to communicate efficaciously with clients and deliver high standard services (Foremski, Callegari and Pagano 2014, pp.272-288). On the other hand, the utilisation of networking technologies in the business has increased day by day. Today, the social utilisation of computer as well as mobile technology has grown enormously, and the packages of computer devices are becoming more and more essential for business operations (Foremski, Callegari and Pagano 2014, pp.272-288). All firms need to store and process data to give the necessary information to support the business decisions of the firm. Youi firm understands that it is important for them to support telecommunication as well as networking technologies to enable the future growth of its new headquarter. This report targets the audience, such as executive business groups, who have broad business experience; however, restricted ICT knowledge. This report also includes Network Infrastructure, Networked Services, and Data Processing Facilities. This report suggests Youi as to how the solutions will be beneficial for their business further it highlights how networking technologies and telecommunications can be used in terms of the organisation’s business benefits. 

Network Infrastructure

The Network Infrastructure (NI) is the interconnected gathering of PC frameworks connected with different parts of media communications engineering (Moradpoor 2013, pp.439-457). Network infrastructure gives the services and communication path between users, processes, services, applications, as well as in external networks. NI is typically a part of the IT structure found in lots of organisations IT environments. 

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