The Big Five Project Personality Test -

The Big Five Project Personality Test

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Business Management Question

1. Define personality and explain how personality is related to OB outcomes.
2. Compare and contrast the Five Factor Model and MBTI models of personality. Evaluate when each model is useful in explaining job outcomes. 
3. Define attitudes and explain why attitudes are important in the workplace.  List and define the main job attitudes, and describe how they are related to job outcomes.
4. Define job satisfaction and explain why it is considered an important job attitude. Explain the causes and consequences of job satisfaction. Compare and contrast the different ways that employees can express dissatisfaction. 

Business Management Solution

I have chosen this topic of the Personality Test by the Big Five Project as I need to understand myself and my personality traits and characteristics to assess my efficiencies in doing things correctly and ethically. This Big Five Development are the five major dimension to assess human personality (Turiano, et al., 2013). This Big Five Scheme has assessed my personality and has found that the personality that I devour are quite amazing, I am not at all open to new experiences yet I am reliable and quite well organised. I retain the qualities of becoming a good and reliable friend as 
I have the ability to understand the feelings of other persons related to me. The personality test said nearly me that neither I am too nervous nor too calm. I have also received percentile scores which will be supportive for me if I compare myself with the people of my age group, but may differ if it is being compared to the people of different age group. I am in the field of sales and I want to achieve excellence in that discipline. It is a great opportunity to rectify myself and carry on for a promising future. 
Brief Description of the Big Five Model of personality in general  
The personality test has become very common nowadays to assess the pattern of thinking, feelings and the power acting that a person could have in oneself. The ways of the reactions and the interactions of the people can also be judged through the use of the personality test. In this assignment, I have shown the assessment of my personality by the use of the Big Five Model, which shows the five dimensions of one’s character. It is also known as  Briny Model as it shows the five-phase of the dimension……………………….

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