Using Abacus to teach place value to Grade 2 -

Using Abacus to teach place value to Grade 2

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Education-Teaching Assignment Question

The expert needs to relate to one of the Country of origin in the Global Origins in this lesson plan. Left the Topic of interest and the Country of Origin/Interest and Activity/Project Possibility to the expert to pick the one easy for him to do.(The Literature part he only need one and the Media part is Optional) 

Education-Teaching Assignment Solution

Lesson Plan:

Anticipatory Set/Opening Activity: The teacher will begin the class by asking students which of all the ten numbers they think is the most important. After listening to the responses she will then tell them that she thinks that the number zero may be the most important and the invention of the zero was the beginning of the development of mathematics in human history (2 mins). The class will then watch the youtube video on the history of zero.
Stating Objectives:  “Today we are going to look at the concept of place value in mathematics that took 28,000 years for human beings to invent. The  concept of the place value was invented only after the invention of zero and helps us to count and use operations on numbers.” Knowing how to determine the place value of numbers will help you to learn how to count. Today we will learn the place values of numbers up to three digits, but numbers can have an infinite number of digits.”
Guided Practice: The teacher will distribute the place value charts and abacus to the students. 
The teacher will introduce the abacus to the students as a counting frame that has been used in various parts of the world to help people to count through the centuries. 
The class will watch a video on how to use the abacus. The teacher will show the children how to use the abacus to find the place value of numbers using a few examples. The students will then be asked to fill up the place value chart, which they will do as a whole group activity along with the teacher…………….

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