What should be on a nursing poster presentation? -

What should be on a nursing poster presentation?

A poster presentation is a mandatory part of any nursing curriculum. It allows students to present their research in a visually appealing way. However, designing a poster for the first time from scratch is a nightmare for most nursing students.

The content of the poster varies from project to project, but the basic format remains the same. Read on to know more about the structure and fundamental elements of any nursing poster presentation

1} What to include in a nursing poster?

The design and development of any nursing poster depend on the research topic. It is a medium used to educate the reader about the intent and purpose of your paper. With a sign, you can add an element of creativity to an academic assignment. 

Earlier, students used traditional methods to design their posters. This requires chart paper, paint, pictures etc. Today, most colleges accept digital posters that are quicker, cost-effective, and easier. 

Without further ado, let me present to you the main features of a well-made nursing poster

2} State the event

Begin your poster with a suitable title that is intriguing and informative. Also, add details about the project and the event. Include the key speakers, the research team, designers, and everyone else involved in the project. 

Keep the introduction short, get straight to the point and use images and charts to further your research. Also, ensure that your poster doesn’t repeat the points discussed in the paper. 

The poster presentation is an addition to your research paper. It expands upon and adds value to your project. 

3} Summarize your research

Talk about the preliminary details of your research. It includes the topic, the reasons for picking the subject and the impact your arguments make on the nursing community. You can also discuss the research methodology, techniques and references used for the paper. 

I suggest my students keep their posters simple and relevant to the topic. Don’t go into an in-depth study. Instead, use this space to highlight and reinstate the central themes of your project. 

4} Visual cues and infographics

Make the poster as attractive and memorable as you can. This is the space where you can let your creativity genuinely shine. For unlike the actual research paper, the posters allow a great deal of flexibility to the student

You can insert charts, bar graphs, relevant studies from credible sources. These figures certify your research. Infographics get your points across very quickly as opposed to an exhaustive 10-page report. 

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5} Steps to create a good poster

Consult your professors or refer to the university website to know about the formatting regulations set for the project. Usually, students use Times New Roman or Arial font for their posters. The content is aligned and structured in bullet points 

You can add images, charts, graphs in the poster as well. Cite all your sources using either APA or Harvard referencing styles. You can check out platforms like CiteFast for quick citations.

Step 1: Define your purpose.

Every poster presentation has a specific purpose. It might be for an event, an academic exam, a conference, or a professional seminar. Consider the poster to be an endorsement for your research. 

A good introduction backed by interesting visual cues is enough to get the reader hooked. Outline the contents of your project. Summarize the key points in bullet points as presenting the information in paragraphs might be exhausting for the reader. 

Step 2: Focus on the title.

A poster consists of multiple slides, the length of which depends on your content. The title slide always comes first and is the highlight of your research. Academic nursing posters adopt professional language and layout. 

Keep the title short yet comprehensive. Conduct brief keyword research to know about the main terms to include in the title slide. The font size, type and stylization are other essential aspects you must focus on. 

Step 3: Include key points.

There are two aspects to a good poster. One the visual appeal, second being the content. You cannot solely rely upon the images and graphs in the poster. Ensure that you explain these graphs and include the critical points of your topic. 

The manner and matter in which you present the information are vital to the poster. Gauge your reader base before designing the poster. Don’t merely state the facts, add your own input to it. 

Like every standard research paper, even a poster includes a hypothesis, an abstract and a problem statement. These aspects describe your approach and eventual conclusion. 

Step 4: Keep it concise

The viewer gets curious about your research looking at the poster. It gives them a glimpse into the subject without revealing a lot of details. Talk about the topic in brief. Include questions, significant studies and other facts that might interest the reader. 

Nursing assignments usually deal with medical breakthroughs, diagnosis practices and hospital standards. Don’t ramble on about unnecessary information. You can expand upon the context of the topic in the main paper. Leave any complicated or advance theories out of the poster.  

Step 5: Visual appeal

This is the most significant aspect of any nursing poster presentation. The more attractive your poster is the better your presentation. Include a lot of pie charts, matrix diagrams, flowcharts and more. 

Graphs present the data more comprehensively. The reader can understand the core issue at a glance. You can elaborate the stats, add reference charts and annotations to solidify your argument. 

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Step 6: Make it impactful.

Posters give you the added advantage of the visual impact. Remember, the information you present via a sign is not equivalent to your paper. The paper dives deeper into the topic, the poster gives you a cursory mention.

There are a lot of poster-design platforms where you can create stunning layouts from scratch. You can also take inspiration from the sample poster templates online.  

5} Need for posters in nursing presentation

The poster presentation is something unique to the nursing coursework in most institutions. It is a medium to facilitate your research paper. Consider the poster to be an extension of your essay. 

Combining your research paper and the poster presentation creates a holistic project. Here are some reasons why you need nursing posters.

6} Educational and entertaining

Poster presentations are both educational and entertaining. They present the facts in an intriguing, generating interest in the viewer. Posters also create a greater impact. Studies reveal how our vision is more perceptible than any other sense organ. And a visual representation of data is, therefore, easier to consume. 

Nursing posters are often colourful with illustrations, diagrams, charts, and other graphics. You can present a lot of information in compact spaces with posters.  

7} Wider appeal

Another reason why posters are so popular is because of their universal appeal. Anyone can understand a chart or a graph. You can elaborate your findings in the paper and apply nursing theories. However, the crux of data presentation becomes simpler with a poster. 

Nursing posters are often a part of seminars, conferences, and workshops. It is a smart medium to explain complicated concepts and studies to peers and professionals alike. 

8} Easier to understand

Posters are also easier, quicker to understand. You don’t have to be an expert or have the technical expertise to decode a chart. Students follow a very standard approach to poster design. This includes the title slide followed by a problem statement, hypothesis, and a brief of the paper. 

Anyone who analyses the poster can understand the contents of the paper with relative ease. The poster also gives you the space to include any additional information that was not part of your main research. 

9} Encourages interaction

The poster presentation is usually followed by a viva or question-answer session. Here, the professors ask questions about the topic to the presenter. With a poster, it is easier to explain your argument. 

The format of a nursing posting conveys complicated theories, meticulous studies, and ideas to a broader audience base. You would find it used in seminars and nursing workshops as part of the training. 

10} Nursing poster presentation for beginners

Nursing posters are quite easy to make provided you have the charts and content ready beforehand. Collect all your information and sort through the data to find out what is of relevance. 

For beginners, I would recommend that you keep things simple. Don’t try to cram a lot of information on your poster. Ensure that it is visible, readable, and simple. Also, rely more on infographics and less of text-based data.  

Poster design also reflects your understanding of the topic. You can convey deeper insights into the subject. A note of caution for beginners though, present your points from an objective perspective. Your research must be professional and validated with proof and not personal opinions.

11} The bottom line

At the end of the day, a poster presentation is what gets you extra brownie points in the semester. Adopt an objective data-driven approach to structuring your poster. I hope that this guide was helpful to students in their project. Good luck.

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