Work Based Ethical Dilemma -

Work Based Ethical Dilemma

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Education-Teaching Assignment Question

  1. Identify and describe an example of an ethical dilemma you have experienced or observed in a workplace.  (If you do not have a suitable workplace example then you must choose one of the scenarios posted on the EDU10011 MySCU learning site and describe it using your own words.)   
  2. Discuss how your values may impact your reactions to this ethical dilemma. 
  3. Identify the three main ethical questions raised by this dilemma.  Use scholarly references to critically analyse these questions and propose potential solutions. One of your solutions must refer to specific sections of an existing Code of Ethical Practice and/or Conduct that could have assisted in addressing the ethical dilemma. This solution will explain how and why this code would have been useful. 
  4. You must include at least four scholarly references (refereed journals, book chapters and reputable organisation websites) in your assessment.

Education-Teaching Assignment Solution


Ethical dilemmas at the workplace setting up a personal appointment during office hours, using office phone and internet to freelance side business, ignoring harassment of fellow worker in the workplace etc. are seen to be in operation at the workplace is a common phenomenon and are a challenge to the organisations as employees tend to use company time for their personal business (Lo, 2012)

Business organisations though with good policies and procedures, have not been successful in handling the unethical behaviour at work. Below is the report about the ethical dilemma faced by the Senior Accountant of the company and the solutions recommended to him.

Identification of Ethical Dilemma at the workplace

Ethical dilemmas, commonly known as moral dilemmas, are usually the choice made by the individual between two options which can resolve the situation in the ethically accepted manner(Reamer, 2013). Effectiveness of the decision-making process can help the organisation to follow laws and regulations enforced by the government and also resolve the ethical dilemmas within the workplace. 

An example of an ethical dilemma is as follows:

I was on a 12-week internship in the accounting department of a community sector named Northern River Accountants. During the course of my internship, one day, I overheard the Senior Accountant and the General Manager of the company discussing some government grant. My supervisor, the senior Accountant, was newly appointed to the company which was receiving the same grant for the last few years. General Manager was directing the Senior Accountant to submit last year’s financial results to get the grant as was their regular practice. Senior Accountant also was threatened of losing his bonus if he is not able to do the report and also by not discussing the matter with others in the company.

Senior Accountant, being new in the company was distressed, intimidated and suspected that the company was favouring poor financial practices. The directions of General Manager if ignored could result in loss of job or incentives which can affect his family life and hence Accountant shared his concern with me. Ethical dilemmas at the workplace can be resolved through sharing their experience with the colleagues, referring to the organisation’s code of ethics and conduct, analysing ethical dilemmas faced by others etc.…………………….

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