Yabun Festival Case Study -

Yabun Festival Case Study

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What are the Positive and negative impacts of Gold Coast Art Prize event 2015?

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Events have a major impact on resources, society and the environment. They are prone to waste generation, causing strain on water and energy resources, and might trigger communal tensions in the local area (ISO 2016). This increases the need for sustainability in managing events. A sustainably managed event offers significant value and provides various benefits to the environment in which they are conducted through proper mitigation of negative aspects and cultivating the positive aspects  (Stettler 2011). Event organisers have to use a triple bottom line approach to determine the financial benefits, public image and its impact on the society (Glasset 2014). This essay analyses the positive and negative impact of Yabun Festival 2017 on economy, society and environment.

1. Overview of the Yabun Festival 2017

Yabun Festival was one of the highly expected events that present a constructive social space for participants to rejoice, share, and plunge themselves into the world of the oldest surviving culture (The Greens NSW 2017). It was hosted by Gadigal Information Service (GIS) Aboriginal Corporation. Yabun Festival 2017 was one of the largest annual gatherings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Australia. It featured a range of Aboriginal cultural activities, stalls and live music performances. It took place at Victoria Park in Camperdown, Sydney, on 26 January annually.

Yabun Festival continues in the tradition of Aboriginal ‘Survival Day’ gatherings (Amnesty International 2017). This event is held in coincidence with the Australia Day to mark gatherings that have occurred throughout the country since as early as the 1930’s seeking to honour, create awareness, and observe the survival of Australia’s Indigenous cultures in spite of the European invasion and colonisation. It is the largest one-day festival conducted on the traditional lands of the Gadigal people in Sydney. Established in 2001, Yabun (meaning ‘music to a beat’ in Gadigal language) is a free event that features live music, a bustling stalls market, panel discussions and community forums on Aboriginal issues, children’s activities, and traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural performances (Yabun 2017).

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