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Nursing Question

Write a Case Study on nursing intervention in Cardiac Patient?

Nursing Solution


The heart of the cardiovascular system is an important organ responsible for maintaining a balanced blood circulation across the body. Prior to the discussion of nursing care pertaining to a patient having a problem with heart failure, an overview of heart failure due to pathophysiology or disease process is briefly given within the framework of nursing perspective .

Mr. Giovanni was 72 years old patient suffering with chronic heart failure and presented to the ER at 3AM. The body temperature found to be normal with higher HR, RR and lower BP. The ECG found to be normal with pitting odema in both lower limbs. The chest X-ray revealed the enlarged cardiothoracic ratio with white patchy areas with Kerly B lines in the lower lobes. He found difficult to walk around the house because of swollen feet. In his past medical history, he is unable to his diet and undertake exercise. In the present diagnosis, he had acute manifestation of heart failure. In the nursing assessment, Mr. Giovanni was recommended for sit up using three pillows and relieved no dyspnoea.


First Priority Nursing Problem

The nursing problem of administering medications without circumspection can produce lethal consequences. The nursing skill of provisional handling of patients to change the life pattern of patients found to be a greater hindrance towards the nurse roles and responsibility. The nurse is responsible for administering the medications in accordance with the prescription. Nonetheless, the nurse is required to know the pharmacological therapeutic and side effects of such medications so as to offer progress of the patient and to avoid treatment related setbacks. Whatever actions the nurse would take with regard to administering of prescribed medications, he/she would be accountable for such actions. 

Linkage of First priority nursing problem with patient pathophysiology

Patient should be communicated that general slow circulation, dysponea and the low systemic result would be caused due to administering medications without circumspection. In consequence, the symptoms like palpitations, light-headed, shortness of breath, dizziness, coldness and weakness may be experienced by him. Observations must be strengthened on him about the development of oedema and difficulty breathing while making him rest and keeping him warm. The nearest health care facility must always be kept in contact for any intensification of symptoms. Advice to change any precarious lifestyle like tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption and avoiding strenuous activities (like sport and emotional upsets) is offered to Mr. Giovanni.

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