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Humanities Assignments We Cover

History Research Paper

We cover history papers on world history, US history, civil rights movements, world war-related topics and more.

Geography Reports

For geography, we help students with survey maps, writing in-depth reports, prepare observation charts and posters.

Philosophy Essays

In philosophy essays, we cover everything from papers on classical Greek philosophy to dissertations on post-modernism.

Literary Analysis

Critical analysis and literature reviews are our forte! We help students analyse classical literary texts, poetry and prose.

Music And Fine Arts

We also have experts from the field of fine arts and music to help students with music theory, painting assignments etc.

Social Sciences

Social sciences include everything from sociology to the study of culture, politics, education etc, and we cover all topics.

What we offer

Free plagiarism report

Every assignment or essay we submit is first run through Grammarly; we also attach a free Grammarly plagiarism report

On-Time Delivery

We always strive to deliver the assignments before the deadline and if we extend the deadline, you can expect a full refund.

Manual Proofreading

Every assignment we submit is manually proofread and checked by our review team for typos, structural issues, factual errors.

Real-Time Edits

Clients can reach out to us for edits or revisions in their papers and we will get it done ASAP and without any extra charges!

Mid-Review Policy

You only have to pay half the amount for half the assignment, pay the remaining amount when you’re happy with first draft.

100+ Experts

We have geologists, history professors, art critics, PhD holders and professional music teachers on board to help you.

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What are the main parts of a History Essay

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Common FAQs

Undergraduate programme is a four-year full time degree course in all of the universities in USA. As already indicated that humanities are a collation of various subject areas and thus one can’t pursue Undergraduate or graduate courses in humanities, rather it has to be a degree in a particular subject area or a discipline. Generally, the most common disciplines available in all humanities departments are- history, English/literature, Music and fine arts, Geography, and Philosophy.  However, in some universities, humanities departments have many other disciplines than listed above.

At undergraduate level, generally first and second years are used to provide students a good overview of the discipline they have chosen. In the next two years, students are expected to choose a specialization in their respective discipline.

After undergraduate, students can go for a master’s degree. Otherwise, if you are interested in conducting research in any of the disciplines of humanities, then you can continue your graduate study leading up to PhD. Irrespective of the discipline you may choose in graduate or undergraduate level, you are expected to pass all the courses with good grades to continue your higher education. Throughout each course, students have to complete multiple assignments, essays, articles which will definitely provide them scope to show their critical thinking ability, skills of developing compact arguments, and capacity to write cogently.

Yes, we have history professors, PhD scholars and experts on board who specialize in Word War history and will help you write a detailed paper on the same. Writing a paper on history also includes both qualitative and quantitative research. 

We cite similar research papers, historical observations, catalogue events in a chronological order and try to recreate the past. History papers also has multiple readings and interpretations of past events. It helps you develop a wider perspective and critically evaluate an event or era without any bias. 

Yes, geography, topography, cartography, and geology are also important subject fields that we cover under the humanities curriculum. Geography and the study of the land also helps students understand its history, people, and culture better. 

Our experts help students prepare survey maps, observational charts and categorise their findings in tables and graphs.

Yes, we do offer help with TAFE courses, English language assignments, and even professional development assignments for designers. Graphic designing and digital art are an essential aspect of the humanities curriculum as well.

Dissertations and thesis papers are usually very lengthy and require a lot of meticulous research. And depending on the topic, our experts take anytime between a couple of days to an entire week to complete your dissertations. For the Maters’ curriculum, we need at least a week to write a full-fledged thesis paper on philosophy.

Yes, we cater to urgent deadlines! So, if you have a history paper due tomorrow then you can reach out to us and we will get the 1000-word essay done in under 12-hours!

As already indicated that humanities disciplines demand both critical thinking as well as creative ability at the same time. As being one of the oldest fields of scholarship, most of the disciplines in humanities have a mammoth collection of books, essays, and articles. For a particular assignment or an essay, you are mostly expected to critically engage with different available texts to be able to provide your own evaluation of them. 

So, you need to be completely clear about what are the important points to be remembered while approaching an assignment, as in most cases you need to score consistently in various assignments to obtain a good grade in a course.

  • First familiarise yourself with the topic or text in question 
  • Read up on the existing research done in the field of study for more insights
  • Try to research about the counter arguments and opposing theories as well for a holistic perspective 
  • Then based on these insights, develop your hypothesis and eventual argument 
  • Substantiate your arguments with evidence and contextual proof 
  • Cite all your sources, add annotations and footnotes wherever necessary 

For humanities papers, we usually use MLA or Chicago formatting styles as they are more suitable for theory-based papers. However, on special requests, we can include APA 6th in-text referencing or Harvard citation styles as well. Please confirm the citation style with your professor and let us know about the university- guidelines beforehand to avoid any hassles later.

Yes, we do offer exclusive academic proofreading and thesis editing services to students. Here, we have a special review team to manually proofread and edit your papers. We also run the paper through Grammarly and attach free plagiarism reports to ensure absolute academic credibility.

Its simple! All you have to do is fill out the Order Placement Form and send us your assignment order details. We generate a price quote depending on the deadline and difficulty level of the topic. Pay an advance amount to confirm your order and we take it from there.

Of course, at Assignment Essay Help, client satisfaction is our utmost priority. This means you can reach out to us anytime for rework or revisions on your essay. And we include all these edits for free, provided they match the original assignment order

We will refund the complete assignment order amount in case there is any error or delay from our end. We don’t encourage assignment cancellations though if your paper has already been assigned to our team of writers. The refund amount is credited to your account via PayPal. 

You can pay for the assignment order via the PayPal link. You don’t need a PayPal account to complete the transaction, we accept debit/credit cards as well.

Get Your Humanities Paper Done In A Day!

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