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Economics Assignments We Cover

Micro Economic Assignments

Micro economic assignments usually contain topics like marginal utility, demand elasticity, opportunity cost, supply side factors etc.

Macroeconomic Papers

Macroeconomics assignments focus on global-level market factors such as trade relations, customs, tax policies related papers.

National Income/Policies

Assignments papers on national income cover the various aspects and impacts of a country’s economic policy, currency, and banking.

Assignments On Banking

Banking and finance assignments usually deal with currency exchanges, repo rates, loans, taxation policies and other such topics

Maths And Statistics Papers

Maths and statistics are an important part of statistics. Our experts help you calculate mean, median and mode, analyse data sets etc.

Professional Course Assignments

Professional economists and financial experts often take up CPD courses to upgrade their skills and we cover those assignment/essays as well.

What we offer

Free Plagiarism Report

Every assignment, essay or report we submit is 100% Plagiarism free. We run the content on Grammarly and attach a free report as well

On-Time Delivery

We always strive for before time delivery. And in case that is impossible to meet, we help you write an assignment deadline extension request!

Manual Proofreading

Every paper is manually proofread by our Review Team before the final submission. We also resolve factual errors, verify citations etc.

Real-Time Edits

You can reach out to us anytime via email/phone/live chat for edits and revisions. And we can make those changes in real-time for free!

Online Homework Help

Our assignment experts often reach out to student clients over real-time calls to understand the assignment requirements better and deliver it.

100+ Economics Experts

Our team has economists, financial experts, marketing professionals, educators on board with advance-degrees and PhDs in economics.

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Common FAQs

Yes, our economic professors cover a lot of microeconomic topics. Microeconomics deals with the small-scale aspects that affect an individual or a single industry or business. As the name aptly suggest microeconomics has a microscopic view of the economy. Here you can learn about things like demand/supply for a single business. Some of the topics we cover for case studies, essays, reports and research papers here are:

  • Demand elasticity 
  • Supply side management
  • Cost optimisation
  • Opportunity costs
  • Market equilibrium 
  • Forms of competition 
  • Profit maximisation techniques

Macroeconomics takes into account the bigger or broader picture. Here you learn about global-scale economic policies, international trade, national income, GDP, inter-state trade and commerce, the supply and demand cycles are also spread over a larger scale. Some of the topics we cover here are:

  • Inflation rate 
  • Employment rate 
  • Banking and finance trends 
  • Market trends 
  • Customer buying power 
  • Pestle analysis

It takes us about 12-hours to complete a 1000-word paper. For dissertations we take about 1 week to submit your assignment.

Yes, we do write dissertations and master’s level thesis papers on economic topics- both micro and macro. Other than that, we also help you with case studies, statistical reports, marketing essays, economics research papers, journals etc.

Assignment Essay Help also offers exclusive academic proofreading services. Here, we have a team of review experts who will run your paper through Grammarly and a plagiarism checker. They also manually proofread the paper, identify the factual and structural errors, and rectify them. 

We offer thesis editing services as well wherein students approach us with their thesis papers, and we help improve the writing style, content, and citations.

Of course, we have writers who specialize in statistical projects, data management and analysis, gathering marketing analysis. We specialize in both technical and fundamental analysis of data.

We run the assignment through Grammarly, attach a free report and also manually proofread the paper.

Yes, for statistical reports, economics essays, research papers and economics case studies, we do include charts, images, tables, and graphs. These infographics make the paper more informative and easier to read.

Writing a master’s dissertation in 2-days is a challenging task. Lucky for you we have experts on board who are up for this task. We cater to urgent deadlines and based on the length and topic difficulty we will try to deliver it ASAP.

Yes, you can send us your review and request for unlimited edits on the essay, we incorporate professor’s comments, student revisions, peer reviews and everything for free. However, the rework must match the original assignment order and be relevant to the paper.

Yes, we do offer money back guarantee if there is any error from our end. Reach out to our Dispute Resolution team for all these queries and their decision will be final. 

As per the mid-review policy, you have to pay half the amount for half the assignment. You can then review the assignment, check our work, and get back to us with reviews. Pay the complete amount only when you’re happy with the first draft.

Fill out the Order Placement Form, send us the assignment details, pay the advance amount and we take care of the rest!

No we don’t usually encourage assignment order cancellations as a writer is already assigned to work on your essay. We do offer refunds in case there is any error on our part.


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