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Arts And Design Assignment Topics

Digital Art Projects

Digital art projects usually involve using a lot of advance creative tools for drawing, colouring, and designing the creatives.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing projects focus on website and app-based platforms. We have coders and designers to do that for you.

Paintings And Artwork

We also offer help with traditional artwork and painting projects. We have professional artists on our team to assist you

Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is a growing field, and we have some of the best designers to help you with colour palette, fabric, and fit.

Videography And Film Projects

Film projects is a part of the videography/cinematography curriculum. We have filmmakers to help you complete your projects

Professional Development Essays

Lastly, we also cover some of the popular professional development essays and assignments in the field of art and design.

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Every assignment we submit is 100% original and plagiarism free. We even attach a Grammarly report for credibility.

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We ensure that each of the assignment we deliver is high on quality, meet the university-guidelines and get you the A.

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Reach out to our experts for some advice, connect with them over live chat, email, phone, or WhatsApp- we’re always there.

Real-Time Edits

You can reach out to us for edits and we do them for you in real time and for free provided it matches your order.

Advance-Level Support

We also cover CPD assignments, and always use advance-level tools to complete your arts and design paper for 100% quality

100+ Experts

We have a team of the best artists, designers, developers, and painters on board to help you with your assignments

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Common FAQs

If you feel that you have an immense amount of creativity that needs an avenue to come out then go for some specialized art & design courses from your undergraduate level. The most common undergraduate courses in art & design available in the USA are: BA in art & design, and Bachelors of Fine Arts or BFA. Both the BA and BFA programs are of 4 years, like most of other undergraduate courses in the US. In BA, courses are broadly divided under studio courses, and non-studio courses.

In the first year, foundation studio courses, like drawing I & II, Studio: 2D, 3D, & 4D, are offered and in the rest of the program you need to choose from various elective studio courses. Otherwise, courses such as Art & design in context, art & design in history, intersections, etc. are offered as part of non-studio courses.

The USA is at the forefront of the digital arts revolution. Hence, you can quite easily find a wide variety of arts programs to suit your interests in many regions of the United States. Our team of experts have been consistently associated with many students from most of the top universities in art & design related course in the country. Some of those top universities are listed in the following along with the courses they offer in this field.

  • BA in art & design, BFA, MFA, and MDes, Stamps School of Art & Design.
  • BFA, MA, MS, and MFA, The New School, Parsons.
  • BA, MFA, Yale University School of Art.
  • BFA, MFA, MDes, and MLA, Rhode Island School of Design.
  • BA, BFA, MA, MFA, School of Art Institute of Chicago.
  • BFA, MFA, MA, DMA, California Institute of the Arts.

If you have a passion to design and create, then the United States can offer you some excellent fine arts and design programs, some of the best in the world. In spite of the difference one may encounter in Artistic people from various countries or cultures, the common instinct that is fundamental to all of them is the desire to create. This desire begins in their imagination, but their tools for design can differ dramatically. While a painter uses brushes and paint, a digital animator uses computers and advanced software.

We approach the client to understand the assignment topic better and then prepare short draft to send it for review. You can get the draft reviewed by the professor and get back to us with the necessary feedback and comments. 

We are ready to work on multiple drafts, and incorporate all the edits for free.

A critical analysis paper is usually an in-depth look into a topic, giving the student the space to research about the various perspectives and develop their own viewpoint. In arts and design papers we can help you write a critical thinking and evaluation paper from scratch. 

The ideal approach for these papers are:

  • Figure out the topic/theme of the paper
  • Collect relevant info and existing articles
  • Analyse the info and figure out a central argument 
  • Develop your hypothesis
  • Back it up with evidence 
  • Write/structure the paper 
  • Add a bibliography
  • In-text referencing

For theoretical and creative papers in arts and design, we usually use MLA citations. However, we do incorporate other referencing styes in APA in-text referencing, Harvard and Griffith citations for referring texts/papers/journals

Yes, we have painters and professional artists on board. And these experts can help with your art assignments. We take about a week or two to complete a canvas painting. We also have tech-savvy designers who can complete your assignment projects on a digital platform like Adobe.

Yes, we do have designers and graphic designers, experts on board to help you design websites, applications, and other online platforms. We work well with coding programs, dynamic web development platforms.

We contact the client to understand the topic of their film. And once we have the theme ready, we work on the script get it approved by the student and write a report on the same. We do have directors and film critics and educators on board who can give you the necessary resources, journals and reading materials.

For digital art projects we use all the popular and necessary tools and platforms approved by the university. Some of these tools are:

  • Adobe photoshop
  • Adobe illustrator 
  • Procreate 
  • Adobe lightroom
  • Inspire Pro
  • Canvas

Fill out the Order Placement Forms and send us your assignment details. We review your request and generate a price quote. You can pay and advance amount to confirm the order.

We usually take a day to complete a 1500-word paper. For dissertations, we usually take a week. Although we do cater to urgent deadlines and can deliver the assignments sooner.

Of course, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and you can reach out to us anytime for revisions. Provide insights on professor comments, peer reviews and any other feedback. We incorporate all these edits for free provided they match the original assignment order. 

As per the mid-review policy, you have to pay half the amount for a half-done assignment. You can review the assignment and complete the payment only after you’re happy with the first draft. We include all your rework suggestions for free.

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