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Dissertation Help & Thesis Editing Service by PhD experts

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Types Of Dissertations We Write

Marketing Research Papers

Our marketing experts help students conduct in-depth PESTLE analysis, write product SWOT analysis and crack business case studies.

Literature Term Papers

Our literature professors would help you with your literature reviews, critical analysis explanations and post-modern readings.

Data Science Dissertations

Our data science experts help students write and run Python codes, design intricate algorithms, and test them for accurate results.

Nursing Research Papers

Our nursing experts help you with nursing poster presentations, research papers, writing medical journals and reports.

CPD Assignments

We also have experts on board to help professionals with their CPD certificate assignments, TAFE course papers and more.

Academic Proofreading

We also offer exclusive academic proofreading services, wherein we review your thesis papers, check the citations, and edit them.

What we offer

Unlimited Edits

You can reach out to us for revisions and edits if you’re not happy with your thesis paper. We incorporate all these changes for free.

Free Grammarly Report

We run your thesis paper through Grammarly to check for grammatical errors. We also attach a free Grammarly report and plagiarism score.

Manual Proofreading

Our review team also manually proofreads every thesis paper before submission to check for factual errors, typos and citation mistakes.

10+ Subjects Covered

At Assignment Essay Help, we cover all the important subject areas from marketing, law, nursing, childcare education, IT, the Arts, etc.

Quality Assurance

We ensure 100% original thesis paper, written as per the university guidelines. We follow MLA, APA, and Griffith referencing styles.

100+ PhD Experts

Our team comprises of professors and professionals, most of them with a PhD from the most prestigious US universities.

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Common FAQs

Yes, we follow all the university approved guidelines and include the necessary citations in your thesis paper. Our writers are well-versed with APA in-text referencing, MLA citation style and more. We also include a bibliography at the end of the dissertation with all the annotations.

We work well with APA in-text referencing for scientific papers, MLA for theory-based papers on literature, and Harvard style for all other thesis papers. Other than that, we also include other referencing styles that professors recommend like Griffith referencing style, Chicago citations etc. 

Yes, we have physics professors, data scientists, mathematicians, and financial analysts on board. We help students complete their scientific journals, dissertations and drafting papers on maths, chemistry, physics, medicine etc.

Our team has the best coding experts, software engineers and machine learning experts to help students with their IT project. We also offer help with programming assignments on JAVA, C++, Python, and other languages.

Yes, literature professors and linguist experts are here to help you with your critical analysis reports, narrative essays, expository research papers, term papers etc.

Yes, we have a team of reviewers who manually proofread each thesis paper, dissertations, and essay before we submit it. they check not just for typos but also contextual errors, factual errors and verify the citations.

Yes, students do send us their thesis papers for review. Our academic proofreading services also include thesis editing and revisions.

Thesis editing service rates vary based on the extent of changes needed in the original draft and the time left for due submission. A rough range of thesis editing service rates in Australia would be A$18 to A$40 per page. The price goes up with complexity of the thesis paper.

We don’t usually accept order cancellations because a lot of the time and resources have been invested. Instead we can accommodate the changes you want for free! 

 Yes, any delays or fault from our side and we ensure that the entire amount is refunded in your account. You can file these complaints at the Dispute Resolution Team and their decision is final.

All you have to do is fill out the Order Placement form and send us your assignment requirement. We will calculate your price quote and you can pay half the amount upfront for half the assignment as per our mid-review policy. 

You can pay for the order using our PayPal link. You don’t need a PayPal account, the transaction can be over debit/credit card. 

We run your paper through Grammarly to check for grammatical errors. We also attach a free plagiarism report to ensure that academic credibility. Other than that, we have a review team to manually proofread the paper and check the citations. 

Yes, we have local assignment experts and thesis paper writers on board from prestigious US universities. You can request for a local expert and depending on their availability, we can connect you with the right SME. 

We usually take about a week to write a complete dissertation. However, we do cater to urgent deadlines and can deliver thesis papers in a day or two at an extra cost.

Get Your Thesis Paper Delivered In A Week!

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