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Teaching Assignment Samples We Cover

Childhood Education Assignments

We help you write teaching assignments and papers on early childhood education, primary school-level teaching techniques and more.

Teaching Plans And Templates

Our experts help aspiring teachers draft and design their teaching plans. We also have free teaching templates and help blogs on the same.

Teaching Techniques/Theories

We have educators on board to help aspiring teachers write well-researched papers on Bloom’s Taxonomy and its application in class.

Assessment Techniques

We also cover assignment topics on advance classroom assessment techniques, designing exam papers, performance evaluation etc.

Virtual Learning Assignments

E-learning is a growing sector in education, and we have university professors on board to share their insights with virtual learning platforms.

CPD Course Assignments

Teachers looking to upgrade their skills often turn to our online essays for CPD courses and TAFE certification essays and other online courses.

What we offer

Free Plagiarism Report

We run your content on Grammarly, check the paper for plagiarism and even attach a free plagiarism report with every order for you.

On-Time Delivery

We always try to deliver the assignment order is delivered before the deadline. And in case of delays, we will refund the full amount.

Manual Proofreading

We offer exclusive academic proofreading services as well. Here, you can send us your paper and we will check it, verify the citations etc.

Real-Time Edits

Students can reach out to our assignment experts for real-time edits. We include professors, comments, peer reviews etc. as well.

10+ Teaching Disciplines

We have experts for teaching assignments that come from all subject genres. From primary teaching to university-level education- we cover all.

30+ Teaching Writers

Our team comprises of some of the best educators from all fields of study and levels. This includes primary teachers, professors, etc.

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How to apply Bloom’s Taxonomy in your Teaching Plans

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Common FAQs

Primary level classes often involve students to design and develop teaching plans. These lesson plans allow educators to allocate lessons, schedule lectures, accommodate different lessons and even plan assessments. 

Our experts help aspiring teachers plan their lessons, approach case studies, research papers and education reports.

Of course, professional development assignments are a great way to upgrade your skills and get better opportunities. We also help you with CPD online essays, TAFE course projects etc.

The master’s degree in teaching is formulated to strengthen the various skills of a teacher for private and public schools. The three vital core topics of this program are assessmentinstruction and curriculum that can help the students in learning and fulfils the demands of an institution. Courses are mainly focused on democracy, diversity, lifelong learning, critical thinking, nurturance, and scholarships. Then there are programs for early childhood education, these programs emphasize on education of kids, they are child cantered programs and students are taught to teach kids in various atmospheres like homes, schools, and other community settings.

The Elementary teaching program is designed for those students who are starting their study of teaching, this is a graduate program as well as a professional course of study. The main components of this program are course work and school teaching. The secondary programs are student centred programs and emphasize on the construction of knowledge.

If you have done your higher education in the field of teaching you can opt for becoming an Elementary Teacher, a Kindergarten Teacher, a principal, a professor, a lecturer, etc. In short, there are a numerous career options waiting for you. To help you grab these job opportunities various courses are formulated. The top universities of the USA offer a variety of courses in this field, some of which can be listed as:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Elementary Education (University Of Akron)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education (Grades Kindergarten to 6) (Saint Peter’s University)
  • Master of Arts degree in Teaching-Paraprofessional Pathways to teaching (Fontbonne University)
  • MA in Curriculum and Instruction-Literacy Education (University Of Colorado Boulder)
  • BA in Middle Level Education-Science Concentration (Maryville University)
  • Bachelor of Science in Education – Childhood/Master of Science in Education in Literacy (B-6) (St. John’s University)
  • Education Specialist in Secondary Education (University Of Toledo)
  • Master of Educational Technology with Training and Performance Improvement (Lawrence Technological University

Yes, we do cater to urgent deadlines and would be able to deliver a 1000-word paper or essay on teaching theory in 12-hours. And in case your deadlines are impossible to achieve, then we can even help you write an assignment deadline extension letters/emails to convince professors to give you some more time.

Our assignment writers approach every teaching essay or thesis paper in the following ways 

  • First, we check your assignment order and review the requirements 
  • The second step is to contact the client and exactly understand the paper requirement 
  • We review the structure, format, length, and content of the assignment 
  • We draft a section of the assignment- and send you a half-done paper
  • For half the payment, you can access this assignment and then send us your revisions 
  • We incorporate professor comments, peer reviews and rework 
  • All the rework is done for free! 
  • We also run the content through Grammarly and attach plagiarism reports

The course curriculum of teaching program basically depends upon what a teacher should know. A teacher should first of all have the knowledge about his/her students, who are going to be his/her students, what the teacher wants them to learn and how a teacher will formulate various assignments, activities and study material which will help students in learning.

So, we have teaching assignment experts to help you plan lesson plan templates, teaching theory research papers, reports, assessments reports, case studies etc. 

Writing a master’s dissertation in 2-days is a challenging task. Lucky for you we have experts on board who are up for this task. We cater to urgent deadlines and based on the length and topic difficulty we will try to deliver it ASAP.

Yes, you can send us your review and request for unlimited edits on the essay, we incorporate professor’s comments, student revisions, peer reviews and everything for free. However, the rework must match the original assignment order and be relevant to the paper.

Yes, we do offer money back guarantee if there is any error from our end. Reach out to our Dispute Resolution team for all these queries and their decision will be final. 

As per the mid-review policy, you have to pay half the amount for half the assignment. You can then review the assignment, check our work, and get back to us with reviews. Pay the complete amount only when you’re happy with the first draft.

Fill out the Order Placement Form, send us the assignment details, pay the advance amount and we take care of the rest!

No, we don’t usually encourage assignment order cancellations as a writer is already assigned to work on your essay. We do offer refunds in case there is any error on our part.

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