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Nursing Assignments We Cover

Aged Care Nursing

Aged care nursing is a relevant field wherein we help students design nutrition plans, patient care reports and diagnosis.

Childcare Nursing

In childcare nursing assignments, our experts cover the basics of paediatric diagnosis methods for treating/caring for kids.

Mental Health Nursing

For mental health nursing, our assignment writers help writing research papers, dissertations, and reports on EBP-practices.

Critical Care Nursing

Critical care nursing assignments cover research writing on emergency situations such as accidents, physical trauma etc.

Midwifery Nursing

Midwifery and childcare cover topics pertaining to pregnancy, delivery, and pre/post-natal care for the mother and the baby.

CPD nursing assignments

Students reach out to us for help with their CPD nursing certifications III and IV and we draft your online assignments, reports.

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Free Plagiarism Report

Our assignment orders are written from scratch the sources are well cited and we attach a plagiarism report as proof!

Unlimited Edits

You can reach out to us for rework and we will get it done for free, provided it matches the original assignment order.

Nursing Essays Samples

We have registered nurses, enrolled nurses and certified experts on board to help with CPD and TAFE assignments as well.

Nursing Posters/Presentations

We also helps students design nursing posters and presentations on a wide range of topics, involving visual cues and creativity

Quantitative Research

Our nursing research papers contain both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, backed up with stats/charts.

50+ Nursing Experts

We have a team of medical experts, RNs, Certified nursing professionals and doctors on board to provide industry insights

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Common FAQs

Yes, our nursing experts, RNs and assistance nurses come from all fields of the medical sector and bring industry insights with them. We can help students design their nursing posters on mental health, aged care nursing, childcare, and other areas.

We cover pretty much all the major genres of nursing curriculum. Here are some of the common topics we cover 

  • Reports on Evidence based nursing practices 
  • Aged care nursing reports 
  • Patient diagnosis charts 
  • Midwifery and childcare nursing
  • Certifications III, IV assignments 
  • Mental health nursing reports

Yes, professional development certifications help students upgrade their skills and get better chances to build a better career. The popular CPD certification assignments we cover are- online essays, cracking case studies, dissertations, and posters/charts. 

Then there is an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program which can be covered in about two years. This is a bit technical course, and it trains a nurse in various aspects like how to take care of a patient, how to educate them about various things and how to give moral support to the patient’s family. They are also made aware of the technical skills required for a nurse. Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN) is a four-year course. This is a very advanced course which is offered by most of the universities. The job opportunities after doing this course are very bright. There is also an RN to BSN program which is very handy if you are not able to attend regular classes. This can be opted by a nurse who is already an ADN and can now become a BSN by studying even online.

Master of Science Nursing program is a highly advanced course, and it can be done in various disciplines like Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP)Adult Nurse Practitioner (ANP)Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP)Nurse Educator (NE)Paediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP)The Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetist (CRNA) program generally takes up to four years. This course is for doing specialization in anaesthesia techniques. The students learn various anaesthesia giving techniques and test theories. Doctorate Nursing Program (DNP) is nowadays taking over MSN programs. These programs are based upon research study, they use various research methods lie data analysis, statistics, philosophy, and history of nursing  

Evidence based nursing practices often deal with using scientific and stat-based evidence to prove the diagnosis and treatment methods. EBP techniques are scientific, logical, and not based on pure conjecture. 

The nurses have to check the patient’s physical, mental, and psychological and accordingly determine a custom-made treatment plan. And EBP practices usually treat the patient as an individual case and don’t always go by the textbook. 

Students often get case studies on EBP practices and we would suggest you approach them as specific cases. Avoid applying generic or standard solutions.

There are a variety of courses which are available in the field of nursing. A number of programs which can be opted for are LPN or LVN programsADN programsBSN programs Accelerated BSN programsRN to BSN programsMSN programsCRNA programs and DNP programs. The Licensed Practical Nurse program (LPN) is a course of one year. In this program the students are taught how the basic care of a patient should be taken and they are also taught about monitoring the important signs of the patient.

Yes, we have nutrition experts, nursing professionals and dieticians on board who help students develop nutrition plans for patients. Here, you talk about the calorie count, carbs, fats, proteins, and other minerals a patient might have to consume to improve their treatment and recovery chances.

We diagnose the case, take the patient’s stats into consideration, and then design an estimate calorie count, nutrition intake the patient might need. 

For nursing papers and all number-based scientific reports, we usually use APA in-text referencing. However, we can even cater to university- approved guidelines and you should consult your professors about the citation styles. Some papers also use MLA, Harvard, or Griffith in-text referencing to cite their resources.

Statistical tables, charts, numerical problems are an important aspect of any nursing report. Here, students have to incorporate infographics to build a solid argument and substantiate it with ample evidence. In fact, evidence and hypothesis is an important point of all nursing research papers, case studies etc.

It takes us about 24-hrs to write a 1500-word essay on nursing theory. We do cater to urgent deadlines and can deliver papers in under 12-hrs as well. 

Yes, we do have exclusive academic proofreading services. Here, our assignment writers and reviewers would manually proofread your papers and identify the typos, grammatical mistakes, structural errors, and citations used in the paper.

Yes, we do have dissertation and thesis editing services. Here students can send us their term papers, research journals, nursing thesis and masters’ dissertation papers. The Review team manually proofreads and edits the content, checks the citations, and even verifies the resources used in the paper. 

We also incorporate professor comments, peer reviews and student feedback to make the thesis papers credible.

Fill out the Order Placement form to send us your assignment details. We will generate a price quote after looking at the difficulty level and deadline urgency. Pay an advance amount to confirm the order and we take it from there.

In case you have any issue with the assignment order then reach out to our Dispute resolution team and they will analyse the issue. Their word is final. And in case there is an error on our end we will refund the money to your PayPal account. 


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