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Proofreading Help from Online Academic Reviewers in USA

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Editing dissertations

We proofread everything from lengthy 100-page dissertations to compact 5-page research proposals and thesis papers.

Proofreading Manuscripts

Send us your manuscripts and we’ll return them with apt corrections and edits on the same day!

Proofreading Essays

We also proofread university-level essays on a wide range of subject areas by subject-matter-experts.

Proofreading Homework

Our proofreading experts also cater to high school students, offering to help with their homework and speech narratives.

Proofreading Journals

We also proofread scientific and academic journals, technical papers, marketing reports, statistical reports, law case studies.

Proofreading Resumes

You can send us your resume and we’ll help you structure and polish it, highlighting your strengths and skills.

Valuable Features

100% Plagiarism Free

All our deliverables are original & free from plagiarism. You also get a free Grammarly Plagiarism Report with every order for your peace of mind.

Free Grammarly Report

Get free Grammarly report with each order. Our proofreaders review each paper manually with contextual and punctuation errors.

Manual Proofreading

Thorough manual proofreading of each essay to check for structural and grammatical errors which are easily missed out of the Grammarly report.

Real-Time Edits

You can send us the paper for unlimited reworks and revisions. We incorporate these changes in real-time based on Professor comments.

Mid-Review Policy

Pay only half the order amount upfront to get half of the essay. You can review and pay the rest only after you are happy with first draft.

100+ Experts

We have 100+ certified experts coming from all fields and industries, many of whom are research students pursuing PhDs from prestigious US-universities.

Professional Proofreading Help In 2-Mins!

Do you have a query related to proofreading? Feel free to ask away!

Common FAQs

We cater to all types of assignments from law case studies, marketing reports, thesis papers, dissertations, and essays. We also cater to high school homework assignments, resumes and journals.

We have 100+ subject-matter experts on board, so you can send us pretty much any genre and we’ll have a professional ready for you. Our experts provide both technical and practical insights, manually proofreading your paper for errors. 

Usually it takes us 12hrs to thoroughly read a 1000-word essay. This is because our experts first run it through Turnitin, then Grammarly before manually proofreading the entire thing. We also check and cross-check the citations for better accuracy

We have proofread a ton of literature reviews so far. First we get rid of grammatical errors, followed by clear and concise flow of thoughts, using better academic vocabulary, and finally editing references and  citations.

After you fill out the order placement form, the price will be generated based on the length and difficulty level of the assignment. Clients then pay through the secure PayPal Payment Gateway. You do not need a PayPal account to make the payment. Any credit or debit card will suffice. 

Usually we discourage order cancellations. This is because our team has already invested a lot of time and resources in the task. However, if there is an error from our end, we are more than willing to give the client a full refund. Note that these requests are handled by our Dispute Resolution Team and their decision is final. 

Yes, we have experts on our review team specially for checking and correcting middle and high school level homework assignments. We cover pretty much all subjects from English to math, humanities, and the sciences.

Yes, we run all the assignments and essays through Grammarly Pro Plagiarism checker, before we begin the manual proofreading process. In fact, we even attach the Grammarly Plagiarism report with each submission.

The mid-review policy is a special facility wherein you pay half the amount upfront to get half of the assignment! This gives you a chance to review it and suggest revisions, before paying the remaining amount once you’re satisfied with the first draft. It also saves everyone a lot of time and trouble.

Yes, after running the essays through the plagiarism checking software, we also manually proofread the paper for punctuational errors, logical flow, apt academic vocabulary and grammatical mistakes.

Yes, you can send us the assignment for revisions, and we do it for free provided the edits requested are in lieu of the original assignment order, marking rubric and primary requirement. 

Yes, referencing is an important aspect of any essay and we ensure that all your citations are credible and in order. Our experts can help you with APA in-text referencing, MLA referencing, Harvard referencing style and more. 

Yes, everyone on the team is fluent in English and has a good sense of grammar and punctuation. Our review team consists of some of the finest English professors, language experts, linguistics, and professionals on board. 

Yes, we are known for accommodating the client’s urgent proofreading requests as well. Depending on the length of the essay and the difficulty level, we do offer same-day delivery options as well.

Professional Proofreading Help In 2-Mins!

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