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Top Math Assignment Topics

Pure Maths

Pure maths assignment topics cover some topics like trigonometry, algebra, calculus, probability related questions etc.

Business Maths

In business maths questions we cover topics like compound interests, banking related questions, profit and loss, accounting etc.

Statistical Projects

Statistical projects and questions we help you prepare and solve mean, median and mode, chart information, graphs and more.

Geometrical Diagrams

Geometry involves the study of shapes, charting graphs, prepare illustrations. We also help calculating measurement, mass, and volume

Graphs And Charting

Our math experts help students prepare charts, tables, and infographics to substantiate your calculus papers, trigonometry questions etc.

CPD Certification Assignments

Lastly, we also cover professional development courses and CPD certificate assignments for math experts who want to upgrade their skills

What we offer

Free Plagiarism Report

We run your papers through Grammarly, attach a free plagiarism report. Here, we check the citations, verify the sources etc.

Accurate Results

In mathematics, accuracy is extremely important. We ensure that all the number work and calculations are double checked.

Manual Proofreading

Our review team manually proofreads every paper and assignment order we submit for typos and factual, structural errors etc.

Real-Time Edits

You can always reach out to us for revisions or corrections in your paper and we will get it done without any extra charges or costs.

Stepwise Approach

Most assignments require students to show the step-work and calculations and we include all the steps in the paper to avoid any hassles

100+ Experts

We have math experts, statisticians, educators, math professors and professionals on board, most of them with PhD degrees

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Steps to write an extended essay in maths

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Common FAQs

For assignment writing in Integration and Differentiation or essay writing on Optimization or Probability, you can come to AssignmentEssayHelp. Our writers are your best guides when it comes to tackling problems involving equations or theorems. They have many years of experience behind them and are subject matter experts equipped to handle all kinds of mathematical assignments, thesis writing on mathematics topics, dissertation writing and proofreading in AlgebraGeometryStatistics, and Applied Mathematics etc.

A business math paper usually deals with commercial math problems. Here, the student has to solve questions about profit/loss calculations, interest rates, banking questions, balance sheets, use statistical reports etc. 

We approach these assignment topics in these steps

  • Review the topic and contact the client for more insights on the assignment requirement 
  • Assign a math expert who is equipped to handle and solve the question 
  • Collect the relevant information and insights that already exist in the field of study
  • Make a working bibliography of sources to show the work put in the paper 
  • Start drafting the assignment as per the university guidelines 
  • Share a half-done assignment for half the price
  • Incorporate the professor comments and feedback for free
  • Run the content on Grammarly and manually double-check it for any errors. 
  • Send in the final version and include subsequent edits for free as well

Yes, we do offer exclusive academic proofreading services. We have a dedicated review team to browse through, read, and double check the calculations, identify factual errors and verify the citations used in the paper. We take about 12-hrs to review a 1000-word assignment. 

As students, you are bound to get cold feet when you have to complete assignments or essays on Pure Mathematics topics or Applied Mathematics. Pure Mathematics seeks to discover the reasons behind mathematical boundaries and deals with disciplines that are held to be the base for Pure Mathematics. So, with our assignment writing and essay writing help, you can earn top grades in Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory and Computational Science and Number Analysis. Applied Mathematics is integral to engineering and science and focuses on the practical problems through mathematical methods; it studies computational tools and mathematical tools to solve challenges in industry and business. 

Whether it is a thesis writing your Combinatorics assignments which focus on discrete objects and their role in mathematics, or Computational Biology which borrows statistics, computer science, physics, and chemistry methods to evaluate biological problems, or assignments in Physical Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, you can get the best writers here.

When you enrol for a Mathematics degree course in any US university or college, you will study a combination of pure mathematics which involves both theory and abstract and applied mathematics which focuses on practical application of such theories to real world situations. Mathematics is sometimes offered as a Joint honours’ degree course together with Computer Science or Business Management, Finance or Physics, Statistics or Sports Science. To enrol for a course in Mathematics, an academic background in this discipline is welcome; ideally, applicants should have already studied pure mathematics, complex numbers, and mechanics.

During the course, you will be taught Linear Algebra  where you learn about matrices, vectors, systems of linear equations. Calculus is one of the elementary tools and crucial for multiple applications. As students of Mathematics, you will be taught techniques for problem solving and building rigorous proofs. Along with Mathematics, you can take up other courses such as Business Studies, Informatics or Computer Science, Physics or Logic. Students are made to learn multiple core courses that can help them gain an in-depth knowledge of Algebra, Differential Equations, Analysis, and Complex Variables etc. When you have graduated in Mathematics, you will have the specialist knowhow of mathematical theories, techniques, practices and tools, knowledge of the advanced numerical concepts, advanced understanding of technical and mathematical language and their applications, power to analyze large quantities of data.

Yes, we do attach a separate section or column in the paper just for showing the work and steps included in the solution. This shows the professors that the student has put in the work and understands the steps necessary for arriving at the conclusion.

For theoretical papers, we always cite the relevant sources and theories in APA, Harvard, or Griffith in-text referencing formats

We have a special review team to cross-check the solutions. We also use technical tools and run your content on plagiarism checking software to ensure zero content duplication. 

Our team of math assignment experts also understands and follows all the structural and referencing guidelines provided by the university. You can consult your professors and get back to us with their comments and feedback as well.

Of course, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and you can reach out to us anytime for revisions. Provide insights on professor comments, peer reviews and any other feedback. We incorporate all these edits for free provided they match the original assignment order. 

As per the mid-review policy, you have to pay half the amount for a half-done assignment. You can review the assignment and complete the payment only after you’re happy with the first draft. We include all your rework suggestions for free.

Yes, even though we have a PayPal ink, you don’t necessarily need an account. You can always complete the payment with debit or credit cards.


Fill out the Order Placement Forms and send us your assignment details. We review your request and generate a price quote. You can pay and advance amount to confirm the order.

We refund the full amount in case there is an error from our end, or we fail to deliver the assignment on time. You can contact our Dispute Resolution team for all these issues and their word is final.

Yes, we do cater to urgent deadlines and can deliver dissertations in a week. The deadline usually depends on the length of the assignment and the topic difficulty.

Usually we don’t encourage order cancelations as it is a loss of our time and academic resources. However if you still want to cancel your order, know that we will not be refunding the advance amount.

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