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Types Of Essays We Write

Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays are usually a part of college applications and very subjective. And our writers can draft essays on any topic from literature to current affairs.

Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays are argumentative, included in law curriculums. Our subject-matter experts investigate the topic, gather evidence, and draft an argument for/against it.

Expository Essays

Expository essays discuss a topic from multiple angles and are mostly a part of literature curriculums. We cater to college-level essays and high school homework help.

Critical Thinking Essays

Critical thinking essays are more analytical in nature. Our writers cover university-level essay topics on management and finance, complete with APA referencing and citations.

Narrative Essays

Narrative essays are lengthy, theory-based, and detailed. Our team has some of the best writers to draft your essays in lieu of the university guidelines.

Compare-Contrast Essays

Compare-contrast essays usually take two or more topics/texts for a comparative study. We ensure to pack these essays with infographics and stats for more credibility.

What We Offer

Free Plagiarism Report

Everything we submit is 100% plagiarism-free. And we attach a free Plagiarism Report to show for it.

Unlimited Reworks

Get real-time edits and revisions on your essay. Feel free to share the professor’s comments and feedback with us.

Research Insights

Every essay, irrespective of the subject, is well-researched, backed by evidence and citations wherever necessary.

Manual Proofreading

Other than running the content through Grammarly, we also have a review team to manually proofread the essay for typos.

Mid Review Policy

Students can pay half the amount up front for half the essay. We proceed only if you are satisfied with the first draft.

Citations And Referencing

Every essay has a reference every 100-200 words. We incorporate Harvard, MLA, and APA in-text referencing styles.

Custom-Written Essays Delivered The Same Day!

Some questions about essay writing

Common FAQs

We have a team of experts that come from all subject areas and industries. Marketing, nursing, law, management, finance, literature, teaching, and IT programming are some of the core subjects we cover.

We have PhD holders, professors, and professionals on board with degrees from some of the most prestigious universities in the US. This includes law experts, nursing professionals, management gurus, entrepreneurs, educators, literature professors and more.

Yes, we do cater to urgent deadlines and offer same-day delivery at a slightly higher price. You can make your payments over PayPal, you don’t even need an account, just use your debit/credit card.

Yes, we have a team of review experts and editors on board to proofread your essays and edit them. We also welcome client feedback, professor comments and any other revisions. The best part is that all the rework is done for free, provided it was a part of the original assignment order request

As per the mid-review policy, you have to pay half the amount upfront for half the assignment. You can review it from your professor, get back to us with feedback. Pay the full amount only after you are satisfied with the first draft. This saves everyone a lot of time and trouble. 

We don’t usually encourage cancellations. This is because our subject-matter experts usually invest a lot of time, effort, and academic resources. In case, you do want to cancel your order, know that you won’t be getting any refunds in this case.

If you are not happy with our submission, then you can apply for a refund. However, we recommend that you tell us what went wrong, we’d revise your essay for free. Refunds are also made through PayPal. 

Yes, we help university students, aspiring post-grads and research scholars with their college application essay on a variety of topics and subjects ranging from English to economics. You can browse through our essay samples and download them as well for some insights on the kind of topics we cover.

No there are about 6 different types of essays you usually get at the high school or university level. Narrative essays for instance, are wordy. Persuasive essays are argumentative, and critical thinking essays are subjective. Each essay type is fit to deal with a specific topic or subject area. The length, structure and formatting of the essay depends on the content you want to cover.

Yes, our essay writing experts include citations and in-text referencing in all the popular styles. We usually recommend APA and Harvard style referencing for scientific journals. MLA, Chicago and Griffith referencing styles are more suitable for theory-based essays.

A university-level essay is usually more than a 1000-words, depending on the topic you want to cover. Every essay begins with a research statement, an abstract, and a short introduction. Plus, you also need to add an annotated bibliography and reference list towards the very end of your paper, just after the conclusion. We usually take about 12-hours to write this essay.

We run the essay through Grammarly and other plagiarism checking tools. Every essay order is submitted with a free plagiarism report. Other than that, we also manually proofread the content before the final submission just to make sure that everything is properly done.

Yes, our review team also offers exclusive academic proofreading and editing services. Students can reach out to us and get their essays reviewed, revised, and edited at affordable costs. We take about 12-hours to proofread and edit a 1000-word essay and ensure same-day delivery. 

It is quite easy to place an order with us. All you need to do is fill out the order placement form and send us your assignment requirement details. We’ll generate a price quote for you, depending on the difficult level and urgency of the order. You can pay half the amount upfront and complete the payment after you’ve received the final essay. All payments are done via PayPal.

Custom-Written Essays Delivered The Same Day!

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