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English Homework topics we cover

Poetry analysis

Our experts help students write in-depth poetry analysis, delving into the context of the poem, the author’s perspective etc.

Prose critical analysis

For prose and plays, our literature experts will approach the text from different perspective of race, gender, class and more.

Reading comprehension

Reading comprehension is where you send us a passage and we have to answer a few questions according to it.

Creative writing papers

Creative writing involves essay writing- descriptive essays and argumentative essays on a variety of topics.

Essay writing assignments

We also have essays writers to help students with their English homework, write college application essays etc.

Dissertations/research papers

Lastly, we also have dissertations and term papers wherein we explore literary theories to analyse the text.

What we offer

Free plagiarism report

With every assignment order, we attach a free plagiarism report. We also run the content on Grammarly for extra credibility.

Research oriented

Every English homework help assignment we deliver follows the university guidelines of academic writing and formatting

Manual Proofreading

Our review team also provides finance thesis editing and reviewing services. We check your paper for typos, verify citations etc.

Real-Time Edits

You can reach out to us for all real-time edits and revisions. We incorporate all the rework for free if it matches your order.

In-depth referencing

We include a resource or cite a paper every 100 words. We incorporate citations in APA, MLA, Harvard, and Griffith in-text styles.

100+ English Writers

We have language experts, grammar teachers, linguistics, literature research scholars on board coming from prestigious universities.

Get your English papers done in a day!

How to write a critical analysis of a short story

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Common FAQs

The English curriculum is pretty extensive. In high school level, you will have both poetry and prose as part of your syllabus. Here students often get to write critical analysis of texts, evaluate the meanings and subtexts, and apply different literary theories in the paper.

Other than that, we also offer essay writing and precis writing services as part of our English homework help

Yes we can help you write a critical analysis report on any text, poem, prose, play or literary theory and its usage. Critical analysis gives you the space to accommodate the existing research and also add your understanding on it. 

Yes we get a lot of comprehension passage, reference to text passages and precis writing requests part of our English homework help.

We usually opt for MLA or Harvard referencing styles for literature papers. However, you can request for a different citation structure as well depending on the professor’s recommendation and university guidelines. We work well with APA in-text referencing, Griffith referencing styles and more. 

In fact, we ensure that you paper is packed with references and have a detailed annotated bibliography towards the very end for extra brownie points.

Yes our review team proofreads and edits dissertations as well. Here, we manually proofread your paper to understand the context and approach taken for the topic. Students often also send us professor comments, peer reviews and their own feedback as pointers we can follow to edit and improve their academic writing

Yes we get a lot of orders from students who want us to proofread their English homework. We have a review team to read through your essays, highlight the factual errors, rectify the structure and improve the overall quality of your essay.

It takes us about a week to write a 20-50-page research term paper. The deadline, topic difficulty, and availability of the assignment writer also impacts our delivery date.

Yes we have assignment experts who cater to urgent deadlines and can deliver papers the same day as well! In case you have an impossible deadline, we will help you draft an assignment deadline extension request as well.

We usually run the paper through Grammarly and attach a free plagiarism report. Next, we manually proofread the paper for factual errors or identify improper citations to rectify then ASAP.

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Some of our assignment experts are also available on WhatsApp and live chat options for real-time connect.

As per the mid-review policy, the client has to pay for half the order amount in exchange for a half-done assignment. The client can then review the draft and complete the payment once they’re satisfied with out work.

Fill out the Order Placement Form and send us your assignment details. Pay an advance amount to confirm the order. We will assign an expert and send across a first draft for review. You can complete the payment after that.

Not necessarily. For although we have a PayPal link, you can complete the transaction with debit or credit cards.

We provide money back guarantee in case there is any error from our end when it comes to delivering top notch assignments. From submission delays to lapses in quality- we refund your money in all of these issues. These matters are discussed and analysed by a dispute resolution team and their word is final.

We don’t usually encourage assignment order cancellations, but you can cancel your order. This is because our experts have already invested a lot of time and resources in the paper. Note, that we don’t refund the advance amount in case you cancel your order with us.

Get your English papers done in a day!

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