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Top Marketing Topics We Cover

Social Media Marketing

Our marketing experts are here to help students with their social media marketing case studies, samples, and papers.

E-Commerce Projects

We help students with e-commerce related assignments and case studies wherein we apply digital marketing strategies.

Market Research Papers

Our experts also cover research-intensive reports, case studies and thesis papers on SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis etc.

Competition Analysis Reports

We also include case studies and write reports on brand competition analysis tools like Porter’s Five Forces to gauge the market.

Retail Marketing Studies

Retail marketing projects usually involve pricing, sales strategies, customer preferences, and advance advertising strategies

CPD Certificate Assignments

CPD assignments are opted for by marketing professionals who want to upgrade their skills and get a quick promotion at their job.

What we offer

Free Plagiarism Report

Each marketing assignment we submit is 100% original and plagiarism free. We run the content through Grammarly and attach a free report.

Quantitative Research

Marketing assignments have both qualitative and quantitative research, we follow all university-guidelines to prepare your paper.

Manual Proofreading

We have a special review team to review and proofread your papers. We also provide exclusive thesis editing services to clients.

Real-Time Edits

You can reach out to us for any kind of rework and our review team will incorporate it for free provided it matches your essay order.

Quality References

Every marketing paper we deliver has a reference every 100-150 words. Plus, we also include graphs and stats for better credibility.

40+ Marketing Experts

We have a team of the best marketing experts, entrepreneurs, educators, and financial analysts to help write your case studies.

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Common FAQs

Marketing is an umbrella term that summarizes to the process of communicating the value of the product or service with an intention of selling it. This is a critical business function for attracting the right kind of customers to your business.

There can be different ways of doing the same job and this is why there are so many branches of study in marketing. Out of the many a few domains available in marketing where one can find marketing management assignment help are:

  • Internet marketing assignment help
  • Strategic marketing assignment help
  • Market segmentation assignment help
  • E-commerce marketing assignment help
  • Retail Management
  • Online Marketing
  • Key Elements of marketing
  • Project Management

A bachelors or masters’ degree in marketing and business management is usually the way students start their career. For this, you need a solid background in commerce in your high school years. However, there are instances where students from other fields of study have also made it to Business schools. 

Other than that, you can also take up professional development certifications or diploma degrees in marketing and finance. These courses are usually taken up by working professionals who want to upgrade their skillset and get a promotion as project managers in the company.

We have a wide range of assignment samples in marketing from case studies to reports, essays and even full-fledged research papers. Here are some top samples you can check out: 

Yes professional development courses, TAFE certifications and online CPD courses are an easy way for marketing professionals to upgrade their skills. We cover a number of these professional development assignment topics on project management, market research, business plans etc.

We usually reach out to the client for more insights on the topic and their approach. And after getting these pointers, we understand your niche, decide the paper length, and start collecting data. We try to make your paper as holistic as possible, including multiple references, resources, and case studies. 

For digital marketing assignments, we usually collect insights via analytical tools. We also include stats, numbers, graphs to compare and highlight the core points. 

In fact, we have a reference every 100 words. Later, we run your paper through Grammarly and attach a free plagiarism report as well.

We usually opt for the APA 6th referencing style. However, we can include other university-approved referencing styles and formats like MLA, Chicago and Harvard referencing. 

Yes, we always include charts, graphs, tables, and infographics with every marketing assignments. The images and visual cues are either created from scratch or copied from sources that are properly credited and cited to avoid any copyright issues.

Of course, we have marketing experts on board to help students with their market research case studies. We cover SWOT analysis of products, service sectors, brands and even an entire market niche. Other than that, we also offer PESTLE analysis for a more holistic and macro perspective of the market.

It usually takes us about a week to write, edit, proofread, and deliver a 25-page marketing research paper or report. The topic difficulty and availability of an expert also plays a huge part when it comes to delivery.

Yes we do cater to urgent deadlines and can deliver 1000-1500 word papers over a day. In case you have an impossible deadline requirement, we can even help you draft an assignment deadline extension request.

Yes marketing curriculums teach you all about how to start and sustain your brand. And students are often required to draw business plans and investment reports. Lucky for you, we have a team of the best marketing experts who can teach you all about business plan covers and reports. 

Fill out the order placement form and send us your assignment requirement. We will generate a price quote and you can pay an advance amount to confirm order.

The refund policy is that we return all your money in case there is an error at our end. You can bring up your issues with the dispute resolution team.

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