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Ethical Issues Of ICT Professional

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Information Technology Assignment Question

1) Identify a real or imagined Case Study that presents one or more significant ethical issues to an ICT professional. This Case Study is to be used to complete your assignment. (Note: that the Case Study is not counted towards the word count. Only your analysis will count.)

2) Prepare a report analysing the ethical issues raised in a case study, with recommendations for professional behaviour in both organisational and/or consultancy settings.In the report, describe the relevant case, identify the most pressing ethical issue(s), the stakeholders, possible breaches in standards or behaviour and the consequences. Discuss what you think is the most appropriate action(s).You must apply the process steps suggested in the text to identify the necessary information for the report.

3) Present a 5 minute overview of the report to the class.

Information Technology Assignment Answer

Purpose of the report:

The purpose of the report is to shed light on ethical issues particularly faced by the ICT professional. Further, the report can provide immense knowledge about the significance of ethical issues for the employees along with its impact on stakeholders. Moreover, the study can help in attaining the purpose of identifying ways to follow ethical aspects. 

Structure of the report:

This report includes a description of the case study along with the explanation of ethical issues identified in the case study. The report also shed light on possible actions and consequences to deal with the ethical issues along with the justifications of actions. 

Case study description:

The ICT professional has the privilege to understand the technology, and they can take undue advantage of particular knowledge and skill set (Tavani, 2011). ABC Ltd. is a financial investment company that deals with its customers and guides them in making financial decisions. The company has an ICT department that is completely dedicated to strengthening the security of the company so that the hackers can never get information from the company’s database. It is a company’s responsibility to secure the financial details of the customers. 

In the same organization, two of the senior agents have to build a relationship with one of the senior ICT professionals and get unauthorized details about the clients of junior employees. It helped agents to track the client and design strategies against other agents. However, in any case, it is beneficial for the company that the agent is generating more business, but his way of doing business is not ethical. Further, the activities of ICT professionals are also not ethical as he can be lured by outside companies as well and he can pass the useful information to competitors. When one of the senior managers got to know about the issue, he only warned the two agents without conveying it to top management. However, later on, management becomes aware of such issues and terminate all the four (two senior agents, ICT professional, and senior manager) with immediate effect. 

Identification of ethical issue:

Breach of confidentiality:

It was a foremost ethical issue that has been identified in the above case study. The company does not have strict policies regarding maintaining the confidentiality of the customer’s financial details. ICT professionals did not comply with their responsibility and share the information in the wrong manner. 

Unfavorable grouping:

It was completely an example of inside grouping and passing the favor to certain people. The manager was also supportive of the agents and did not even convey the issue to the top management (Drumwright, 2013). They all were seniors and they form a group against other agents and employees.

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