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Human Resource Assignment Sample on Intercultural Communications

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Human Resource Assignment Question

Discuss your thoughts on intercultural communication. Has it changed your thinking? How?

Human Resource Assignment Solution on Intercultural Communications

With business going international and education system looking to equip students with global skills the importance of intercultural communication has increased more than before. An effective intercultural communication is one of the important aspects that lead to a well-developed personality. In the recent times, increasing number of immigrants has made Australia a multi-cultural country. People from different communities and languages have made intercultural communication an essential element of our lives.

The kind of background I come from, I bring a lot of different cultures with me. I used to work in a fast food restaurant as a manager. Being worked in a fast food industry I am familiarized with different cultures. The most important take away from this experience is to respect cultural diversity and beliefs from both customers and internal staffs. Because of my team of different cultures and managing a team of culturally different people has given me a lens to see the world from a different prospective. I do not belong to a particular culture now. Every culture has something unique. I like to travel to different places and meet and greet different people. I find it very appealing when I get to learn about new cultures and people. But this is not the all I should know.

While going through my textbook I have realized whatever I think I have learned by talking to different nationals is just 5% of intercultural communication. I have 95% yet to learn. It was so amazing to know that culture is like an iceberg. It is only 10% visible and remaining 90% is beyond or below our conscious awareness. Culture has so many elements in it. Theories developed by Parson (1951), Hofstede (2001), Trompenaars (1996) and Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner (1999) have identified cultural factors that are relational to human beings. These theories help international managers in cultural analysis and thus help companies go global.

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