Question Answers Related to Software Engineering

Question Answers Related to Software Engineering

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Information Technology Assignment Question

1. Read MachiavellianSoftwareEngineering.pdf and answer the following questions.

(a) What point is being made about the use of the waterfall model?

(b) What tentative prediction is being made about the approach to software engineering in the


(c) What assurance related advantage does the article describe waterfall models as having? Explain your answer.

2. Describe Moore’s Law, Dennard Scaling and Amdahl’s Law.

. Explain the relationships between the three concepts above and the ramfications for computational speed.

3- Complete the following ALE table. Explain what each row/column represents, and indicate units for entries. Explain what actions this specific table suggests we should take.

Information Technology Assignment Solution on  Software Engineering

a)      The points made about the use of waterfall model in the early days of software engineering are,

1.      In early days of software engineering, large governmental agencies were the clients in most of the cases. The organizations tend to follow [A1] some hierarchical and rigid structures. It helped waterfall model to be a more preferred choice for those as waterfall model itself is structural.

2.      The processes in those agencies were very chaotic, waterfall model was a simple approach to bypass this chaos.

3.      Waterfall model used to get fitted into the constraints on those systems in early days of software engineering.

b)      The tentative prediction is made that in future may be waterfall model will become popular again in software engineering, like it was in past.

c)      The assured advantages of waterfall model are,

1.      The model is very simple and easy to understand.

2.      The model structures and can fit into constraints more easily than agile models. (Martin, 2009)

Answer 2

Moore’s law originally stated that, on a silicon chip, the storage density of an integrated circuit gets doubled in nearly a year. After some year, from the 1970s, it has been observed that, on the silicon chip, the storage density of an integrated circuit is getting doubled in 18 years instead of every year. (Hennessy & Patterson, 2012)

Dennard Scaling is a scaling law related to MOSFETs. According to is, the transistors get smaller in size with time but the power density of the transistors is kept same. So, use of power is directly proportional to the area with current and voltage scaled downward with length. (Teubner & Woods, 2013)

Amdahl’s law helps in finding out the maximum computational speed-up of a system when part of the system is improved. (Hennessy & Patterson, 2012). For [A3] example, a system has CPU and memory. But during the improvement process only the CPU is improved not the memory. Now Amdahl’s law can measure what will be the impact of this improvement on the system.


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