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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking?

Marketing Assignment Solution on Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking

Social networking sites

Social networking sites are web-based services wherein users can create a profile for themselves, create connections with others with whom they would like to stay in touch or share interests and activities. C.W.Leadbeater in his book 'We Think: The Power of Mass Creativity', mentions “You are what you share.” thereby, stressing upon the impact of social networking on the real world relationships and values. A typical list of social networking sites would include community-based sites, discussion forums, or other forms of chat rooms. Whether it is a novice or a social network addict, it would be worthwhile for all to understand the advantages and disadvantages of social networking websites. Some of the most commonly used sites today are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Myspace, etc.

Advantages of social networking sites

There are several advantages of social networking websites, as described below.

  • Worldwide connectivity: It creates a platform to build worldwide connectivity. It creates a platform by which one can make new friends, business connections, and fan base (Artemio, 2014). These connections can come handy while seeking a new job, looking for assistance, interacting with like-minded people, seeking opinion for some important decision, etc.
  • The commonality of interest: Being active on a social networking site allows you to connect with people sharing common likes and dislikes. This allows you to build your own network, where the members can meet digitally and share ideas.
  • Information sharing: Features like instant messaging and file sharing, make the social networking sites an instrument of high utility. The best part of it being, the real-time nature of sharing, which allows for easy chat
  • Advertising: Social networking sites like Facebook, have become the new medium for marketing and advertising of new products and services. With millions of viewers on the platform, one can always choose the kind of viewers one would like to have for the Ad. It can serve the purpose of product promotion, or even as an awareness campaign
  • Increased news speed: Social networking sites have tremendously increased the speed of news circulation. Many news organizations are now partnering up with social networking sites to collect and share information about the viewers. It hardly takes any time for a news to become viral and generate millions of clicks (Nicole, 2007).

Disadvantages of social networking sites

The social networking sites also carry some inherent disadvantages. Some of the most common disadvantages are described below.

  • Endangered socialisation: One of the biggest side effects of social media is the decreased level of face-to-face interaction that it creates. By eliminating the need to meet physically, it hampers the process of socialization and friend-making, as even friends are made digitally now. It deprives people of the skills of resolving physical conflicts, as it makes unfriending and unfollowing possible, with just a click. This is a matter of concern for teens these are the years for interactive learning
  • Cyberbullying and growing crime rate: Social networking sites have fuelled a growing level of cyberbullying by exposing individuals to inappropriate content from others. It has also created a platform for criminals to harass and post undesirable content on the internet. Unless due diligence is followed by parents, small children are exposed to these inappropriate content (Baruah, 2012).
  • Fraud and identity theft: The information posted on social networking sites become publicly available to almost everyone, in some way or the other. A few vital pieces of information can generate enough clues for criminals to steal identities (Acquisti, Predicting Social Security numbers from public data, 2009). This can result in cases of fraud as well. Almost 24 million Americans face an identity threat due to the posting of personal messages on social media. This concern is also shared by Rachel Caine while quoting “No I’m worrying about people taking pictures and putting them on Facebook. That crap never dies. Kind of like you Mikey.”

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