001948 F - Essay Proposal and Annotated Bibliography -

001948 F – Essay Proposal and Annotated Bibliography

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Economics Assignment Question

Students are to read the weekly reading/s and respond to the forum question(s), revolving around the text and its content:

         In summary form, what is the text about?

         What was the focus or main argument of the text and what reasons supported it?

         What was a strength (or strengths) of the text, and why?

∙     What was a weakness (or weaknesses) of the text, and why?

∙     Is there any insight that has changed your thinking, or which you will apply to your life, explain?

Economics Assignment Solution
 1. Beasley-Murray, G.R. “The kingdom of God in the teaching of Jesus.” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 35, no. 1 (March 1992): 19-30.


This article prods the doctrine of God and His Kingdom as the central element. The author feels that gospel simplified this notion by focusing on Jesus Christ. The teachings of Jesus act as a tool revealing the sovereignty of the Kingdom. It does not end with his death but rather continues to the Church with the assistance of the Holy Spirit. This article focuses on the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus with less or no evidences of the Old Testament.

2. Bruce, F.F. “The Kingdom of God: A Biblical Survey.” Evangelical Quarterly 15 (1943): 263-268.

This article acts as stimulant to further probe into the subject of Kingdom of God and its real-life application. God is the king and has established rule over His masses. It is demarcated by the practice of righteousness. This article focuses on the theme of changing the material world into His kingdom with the aid of the Church and His followers. This article is an outline of the Biblical emphasis about His kingdom and does not provide exhaustive details.

3. Buzzard, Anthony. “The Kingdom of God in the Twentieth-Century Discussion and the Light of Scripture.” The Evangelical Quarterly 64, no. 2 (April 1992): 99-115.

This article focuses on the unresolved issues arising out of the Kingdom of God as an instrument of revival in theology and evangelism. This essay endeavors a brief overview of the Kingdom of God since the publication of “Die Predigt Jesu vom Reiche Gottes” in 1892 which impacted the concept of Kingdom and its importance in theology.  This article pinpoints the basic reason for confusion over the importance of the Kingdom, preceding issues arising from the differing eschatological views of the commentators…………….

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