19 Mistakes You Know You Will Make in Your College Life!

19 Mistakes You Know You Will Make in Your College Life!

A new life, a new start, new people and all new energy. That’s what college life brings our way. The feeling of leaving school behind and entering the world of adults, the world where we can make our own choices and where there is freedom. Well, it’s all too fascinating.

Sometimes, too much for the students to be able to handle. In all this glitterati, students often get off track and lose a catch of what their actual purpose if being in college is and you can’t really blame them. Some mistakes are natural and it is only through mistakes that people learn to improve and move on.


Making Mistakes


A lot of students learn to write proper assignments only after taking professional assignment help. They learn the tricks & methods and improvise. Thus making mistakes are normal.

After all, Mistakes is What makes us Students

So what are those common mistakes that all students make in their college life? Let’s have a look:

19} Becoming A Hard Worker

Not leaving school behind! Remember, it’s a new world and all the students who have come along are equally good. You will have to work harder to shine brighter.

18} Mummyified in a Class

Deciding to stay mum in class would be the biggest mistake you make, thinking your friends would think of you as a show-off if you answer a question. Remember, the one who talks and answers in class is the one who will be treated favorably too.

17} Fall in love

That is one thing all students do. Coming from different backgrounds, students see college life as an opportunity to meet someone special. While that brings a wave of fresh energy and spark into their lives, heartbreaks come as a side effect. Most students forget that their ultimate goal is to make a life and not brood over broken hearts.


16} The Bad Company

Getting Into Wrong Company and making friends who will be a bad influence on you.

15} Party Animal

Not taking studies seriously and considering college life to be your only chance at living your life. Party, fun and friends – that’s not all that college life is!

14} Lazy Hunter

Delaying the job hunt until your college ends. Well, the sooner you start, the better it will be. Try to gain contacts throughout your course, which might help you get a job when you are done.

Lazy Guy

13} Making Wrong Choices

Setting wrong priorities in life. Most students fail to realize that most of their needs are wants which can be given a back seat for the time being. Remember- Saturday night parties and updated wardrobes are your wants whereas your needs are way different from that.

12} Neglecting Family

Detaching from family is something most students do. They refrain from staying in touch and allowing parents to be aware of their lives. Young people often feel their families will never understand them and that their friends are their only well wishers. Never forget, family always comes first.

11} No Focus

No focus on studies. Most students do not even bother to buy text books until their exams!

Study out of Focus

10} Skipping Important things

Skipping internships are a disaster. They are what will hold you apart from other students of the course. Gain some experience.

9} Lifestyle is a Disaster

Unhealthy lifestyle is the most common symptom amongst students. Smoking, alcohol, late nights, too much time spent on mobile phones and laptops and most of all, no exercise. The total recipe for disaster.

8} Being a Dirty Pig

Staying unhygienic, skipping baths because of running late for class or staying in messy rooms may pose health hazards that may cost you an important exam or an opportunity.

7} Being fast with Food

Surviving on fast food and the classic college diet of pizza and beer. Missing out on essential nutrients, students dig a hole for themselves to fall flat in.

fast Food Choices


6} Bunking genius

Bunking classes and not taking lectures seriously.

5} Listen to your Heart

Often students choose the wrong course which is of least interest to them, under pressure from parents or peers which leads them to show minimal effort in their coursework, fail or undergo stress that can even lead to suicides or drop outs. Always pick a course that you want to do and where you see your career in. Your interest is of utmost importance.

4} Procrastinator

The last minute hurdle. Students refuse to make a move before time and often end up doing things at the last moment. Be it studying for an exam or reports. Also giving assignment help to friends. This not only costs them their marks, but lack of effort in their work gives them a bad reputation with the teacher as well.



3} Going the extra mile

Thinking of college faculty to be unreachable. Students often never reach out to their faculty for help of any kind. They would rather prefer taking help from online assignment expert and other sources.

2} Spendthrift

Spending money unreasonably on girlfriends/boyfriends, parties, drugs or fashion.

1} Being monetarily disabled

Not trying to earn some money to support yourself.

Try to avoid as many of these as you can and a bright future will await you at the other end. Choose to be different, choose to be smart! Remember what the Buddha said:

What you Think
You Become
What you Feel
You Attract
What you Imagine
You Create

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