A marketing plan for sustainable offering -

A marketing plan for sustainable offering

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Marketing Assignment Question

Write a concept development and marketing plan for a sustainable offering with reflections?
Assessment 2 & 7 – Pre- and post-Marketing Project reflections:
  • Assessment 2 – Pre-Marketing Project reflection 
  • Assessment 3 – Initial concept development for sustainable offering 
  • Assessment 4 – Peer evaluation of initial concept development for 
  • Assessment 5 – Concept development for sustainable offering and situation analysis
  • Assessment 6 – Marketing plan for sustainable offering 
  • Assessment 7 – Post-Marketing Project reflection 

Marketing Assignment Solution

1. Current Situation
Background of sustainable offerings
It is eventually important to have healthy food products as it is one of the back rights as a human being. The Australian government has catered to the need and demands of the stakeholders with the help of an innovative food insecurity process. On the other hand, 5% of the Australian population has the issue of food insecurity which is very minute (Collier, 2010).  A smaller region of the country does not have the proper nutrition and safe food due to homelessness geographical isolation, unemployment as well as the lack of proper awareness. Urban agriculture is gaining importance these days and over 90% of the total population is situated in urban areas of Australia. According to the survey carried out by the Australian Institute more than half of the Australian pupation is highly interested in adopting the cultivation of their food at home. There are several factors are involved that result in fluctuation such as reducing groundwater level, climate change, and high agricultural cost. Thus, the factors help in motivating the individuals for urban agriculture and there are some alternative measures are adopted by the individuals including aquaponics, which helps cultivate crops and fish. 
Environmental analysis
Political- The government of Australia is encouraging the individuals for sustainable growth within the region and the diversity play a crucial role in the development of better agricultural perspective as well as safeguarding the resources. Thus, the promotion of a sustainable environment led to an opportunity of using the aquaponics system within for agricultural purposes.
Economic- The overall economic condition plays an important role in society and the balanced economy is present within the country since the income growth is likely to increase with the time. Thus, a sustainable growth opportunity is available for the country to set a particular target for the development process (Devlin, 2005)…………..

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