Behind The Scenes-Producer, A Full-Time Entrepreneur -

Behind The Scenes-Producer, A Full-Time Entrepreneur

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Write an overview on Behind the scenes-Producer, a full-time Entrepreneur.

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Entertainment industry and the role of the producer:

In an increasingly busy life, entertainment is a factor that brings people together. It is the most enjoyable, most affordable form of relaxation. No wonder, why entertainment in itself has become a huge industry today. Commercialization of entertainment means it has become a lucrative profession. We are all aware of the rich Hollywood stars, who earn in millions by carving a niche for themselves in entertainment. Even amid recessions, entertainment industry has seen a continuous boom. The statistics below give an idea the growth in this sector.

This continuous growth in entertainment industry presents a gamut of opportunities for artists, and there are artists who have made use of this growth (Statista, 2015)

As a producer, I am in charge of making the movie or the serial happen. There are different stages in the making of a movie/album like Development, pre-production, production, post-production, marketing (Young, Gong, & Stede, 2008). The process starts from taking necessary approvals for the making of the movie/serial, hiring a writer for the story (which could be the producer’s own story or someone else’s), director, the actors who are going to play the roles, hiring the rest of the crew like the technical team, hospitality team, selecting locations, to the marketing of the movie/serial etc. My life is like that of a person who is setting up a new company. I am, therefore a sort of entrepreneur, where I undergo all these processes again whenever I make a new movie/serial. 

Issues that I face as a producer:

Many people think production is an easy job as the producer is always behind the scene. Trust me, it is not. Before joining this profession, I had the same notion, until I faced certain issues myself. One big challenge is, of course, getting a script ready which the audience will like, even though my audience is limited to the locals, as I make small movies and the advertisement of my movies is limited to my city only. Catering to the needs of a multi-cultural audience of different age groups challenges the very creativity of the producers (creativeskillset, 2014). I used to think that creativity is my forte, but trust me, it takes days to even think of a good script, let alone preparing it.

Another challenge that I face is people management. There are a whole lot of people involved in the creation of even a small 60-minute documentary or for the recording of a 5-minute song. Even though the writers, the director, the lyricist, etc. are all locals, I have to manage each and everyone, so that the work is done as I want it to be done. Managing people of different mindsets, at the same time, and getting them on the same page is a tough ask. Add to these the additional burden of listening to and satisfying the whims of the people, notably the artists (actors or singers).

A third challenge that I face is to make use of technology in my movies. The camera, with which I shoot my movie is not a professional camera. I shoot with television news cameras because as of now I cannot afford to purchase or even take on rent a professional camera. The shooting locations are usually in the countryside, or the roadside forests so that I avoid paying for locations (Sengupta, 2013).

My biggest challenge:

I am a novice in the field of production, and even though I have an ambitious goal of becoming one of the most successful producers, I am trying to set my feet in this industry by making small low budget movies. My biggest challenge or issue which I would like to point out is to make my movies go noticed among the people and a description of the same is given below in the remaining part of the essay.

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