BP032P04 :Informed Practice in Mental Health Nursing -

BP032P04 :Informed Practice in Mental Health Nursing

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Nursing Assignment Questions

Explore relationships between a construct that informs your practice and a contemporary direction of mental health nursing (this could be in the form of specific principles, frameworks, or models of care).

The construct you choose should arise from your conceptual thinking and the concept map you have previously worked on; however, you are not required to refer to your map, nor the reasons you chose the construct in these assessments.

For example:

  • I may have identified 'safety' as something that informs my practice. My article may therefore be a discussion exploring 'how issues of safety impact person-centered care'.
  •  I may have identified 'the family and carer of a client' as something that informs my practice. My article may therefore be a discussion exploring 'the role of family in a strengths based approach to mental health care'.
  • Provide a justified argument to set up the discussion
  • Critically discuss ideas that lead on from the literature review and other

Remain focused on the topic selected

Nursing Assignment Solutions

Nursing care for patients affected with various mental health conditions requires undertaking numerous challenges in terms of surpassing potential healthcare barriers for enhancing wellness outcomes. Configuration of an effective therapeutic relationship with the mentally ill patients highly warranted to enhance the patterns of patients' compliance to the rendered nursing care interventions. The preliminary objective of person centered mental health nursing interventions attributes to evaluation of the individualized requirements, perceptions, beliefs and cultural perspectives of the treated patients in the context of elevating their quality of life for reciprocal reduction in disease manifestations. The awareness of healthcare staff regarding person-centered interventions for mentally ill patients is of paramount importance in enhancing their state of health and wellness across the community environment. Evidence-based research literature reveals the requirement of effective segregation of responsibilities between the state authorities, provision of education regarding growth factors and communication between patients and healthcare teams to facilitate the implementation of person-centered health care interventions for the patients affected with debilitating mental conditions (Jormfeldt, Brunt, Rask, Bengtsson, & Svedberg, 2013). Research findings by (Hardy & Thomas, 2012) reveal the professional attribution of mental health nurses in terms of enhancing the physical as well as psychosomatic health of the affected patients. The administration of community based holistic approaches by nursing professionals warranted in the context of reducing the burden of mental disorders across the societies.

The conventional nursing approaches focus on reducing the symptoms of disease conditions and providing bedside care to the patients under the supervision of qualified physicians. However, evidence-based person centered and holistic nursing care interventions focus on the personal development of the mentally challenged patients while reducing their negative apprehensions in the context of elevating their compliance to the treatment regimen and enhancing the speed of their recovery during the course of assistive interventions. The research study by (Tofthagen, Talseth, & Fagerström, 2014) reveals the requirement of gaining extra clinical competence by nursing professionals for modifying the personality of the patients affected with suicidal ideation. Careful observation of patients' perspectives, contentions, sufferings and addiction patterns required by nursing professionals in the context of configuring remedial approaches to facilitate the mental care outcomes. The configuration of a caring attitude for patients and execution of therapeutic dialogue between them and nursing professionals highly required for tracking the verbal expressions of patients for reducing the scope of their vulnerability, self-inflicted injuries and subsequent mortalities across the community environment. The concept of person centered mental health nursing advocates the requirement of an overall recovery of the patients affected with mental conditions, rather than merely reducing the complications of their clinical manifestations (Barker & Buchanan-Barker, 2011). The Tidal Model in mental health nursing facilitates the effective empowerment of patients affected with serious mental conditions in terms of collaborating with them in their clinical decision making for curing their mental conditions (Barker, 2001). Considerable improvement of interpersonal relationships between patients and nurses also facilitates the effective administration of mental care interventions while…………………….

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