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Business Management Assignment

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Business Management Question


Write an academic essay on one of the two following topics.  


1. The business environment is undergoing significant changes (team based roles, job share, telecommute, casualisation and multiple employers etc). Select 3 to 5 of the more significant changes and critically examine the impact on the  relationship between employees and their workplace.  


2. The inclusion of animals in the workplace is strongly supported by some  businesses and cultures while other places have rigid rules against the use or  acceptance of animals in the work environment. Examine the topic and  present a discussion that considers work environment. country, culture,  purpose, benefit, challenges and then reach a conclusion or provide  recommendations based upon the literature.

Business Management Solution

Changes happen in a corporate setting all the time for various reasons and often result in good outcomes. Change is pushing people out of their comfort zone. Though change is deemed challenging at the initial stage, it allows, one to learn, gain knowledge, and eventually generates positive results (Dijesh & Mary, 2017). Changes occur in an organisation for several reasons, such as to lead to improved economic efficiency, better ways in which workers operate, and a competitive position place in a dynamic market for the company. To be successful, a company should endure changes and accept them. In this essay, the changes in the business environment with the participation of women in the workforce, casualisation and telecommute and its impact on the relationship between employees and the workplace are discussed.

Changing Business Environment

Businesses operate not in a dynamic and complex environment which strongly influences their operations and the capability to achieve business goals.


When trade restrictions were lowered and liberalization expanded, more and more companies have delayered, restructured, downsized to become thin and flat as possible. It was done to ensure competitiveness and agility as an organisation. As a result, organisations have become boundary-less and network-based. This has resulted in an increasing amount of secondary workers employed in temporary jobs, contract work and casual employment. In earlier days, the majority of workers in the companies were contract staff. A few workers were employed as casuals to meet temporary employment requirement changes (Watson, 2013). Yet in the modern era, the workforce situation has drastically shifted. Often 60-80% of the employees in an organisation are on short-term contracts and casuals.

In this respect, businesses use casuals as a means of numerical flexibility to account for off- and peak hours. During boom periods, they find it easier to recruit casuals than to fire them during lean times. This is considered as a measure to circumvent legislation relating to permanent employee employment and firing. Recent studies suggest that businesses are able to quickly fire casuals and subcontracted employees (De Stefano, 2016).

The differences between workers in various groups have changed the ways in which employees perceive themselves as staff in their workplace. Casuals feel disconnected from their jobs, and permanent employees have lost their enthusiasm towards improving their skills. Permanent employees fear casuals are risking their jobs, and casual workers do not fear sensitive to their plight (Wickramasinghe & Chandrasekara, 2011).

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