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Business Management Question

In this assessment item, you are required to maintain an online reflective blog/journal and write blog posts/entries based on academic articles. For writing each blog post, you will select one of the listed articles from the Additional Readings section of every week in the Moodle site. You will write a reflective blog post after reading how the article has helped you to learn the week’s topic. Ensure that you write the blog post based on the correct article i.e. if you are writing Blog post 1(Business Process Architecture), then refer to the Additional Readings section of week 4 to choose an article since Business Process Architecture is covered in week 4. To find an article for Blog post 2, refer to the Additional Readings section of week 6 and so forth.

Please label the blog posts correctly i.e. provide the correct title. For example – the first blog post should be labelled “Blog post 1: Business Process Architecture”, the second one should be “Blog post 2: Business Process Management” and so forth.

Business Management Solution

In the article ‘The fruits of Business Process Management: an experience report from Swiss bank’ by Peter Kung and Claus Hagen (2007) the significance of the use of business process management is discussed based on a real-life example of Swiss Bank. The authors have highlighted how business process management can help in enhancing the efficiency and speed of different processes of the business. The article effectively demonstrates how process restructuring and application of modern IT tools can bring drastic changes to business process. The authors have discussed four of the bank’s processes whose processing time is reduced and efficiency has increased to a great extent by using business process management approach and bringing changes in the internal systems. The benefits found through the changes brought by the bank in the four processes have been well-explained, which includes reduced cycle time, increased quality of work products and increased output per employee.

The article also highlights the complexity of business process management as it requires the organization to make use of packaged software, which cannot be customized to a great extent. The integration of the business process management systems is not just complex but also can cost a lot and the maintenance can further add to the cost of implementing the new system (Jeston & Neils 2013). The system cannot be adopted for certain processes as it cannot be customized to a great extent. The business process management system has different reporting and performance measurement concept, which in some cases are complex and cannot be adopted whereas in some cases they are very user-friendly (Jeston & Neils 2013). The business management process system hence needs to be carefully selected and implemented to ensure that the new system does not complicate the functions rather it makes the processes easier and error free.

The article helped in understanding the effectiveness of business process management systems and how it can make a difference to a complex process. The real-life case study helped in understanding how business process management system eases certain task and helps in prioritizing and coordinating the various processes in the chosen area and helps in carrying out the processes at faster pace and increases employee output. The examples in the article helped in understanding how business process management system helps in reducing the time taken to complete a process drastically and also how it adds value to the output of the process by enhancing its quality. The article helped in understanding how business process management system helps organizations to improve its efficiency in many business aspects.

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