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Human Resource Assignment Sample on Develop Teams & Individuals

Develop Teams Individuals Sample Assignments

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Human Resource Assignment Question

Case Study

David is employed at a well-known financial institution. On the basis of his detailed financial knowledge and experience, he has been given the position of team leader of a particular client service team that has been together for some time. He has never led a team before. The financial institution prides itself on the service it provides to its customers and has begun to reward teams for their effective teamwork through the presentation of awards. Unfortunately, the team David has joined has never received an award. Performance management from previous team leaders has been haphazard with the team leadership being laissez-faire. David has discovered there is unrest in the team with members being unsure of their job roles and negativity beginning to creep into the team. There is also one new team member who was recruited externally but has a qualification in Banking and Finance. This member is unsure whether or not to stay with the team. During team meetings members are reluctant to make suggestions as in the past suggestions were ignored or criticised by the team leader who never championed the team.

Task 1

Planned development requires systematic identification of learning and development needs. How are you going to identify and plan the learning needs of your team?

Task 2

If you were David, what development needs do you see for yourself?

Task 3

The team has a range of issues that may be addressed by further development or training. Create a plan for individual and team learning and development for the next 12 months that will meet the needs of the organisation, team and individuals within the team. The plan should be prioritised, include a timeframe for the length of training and how the training will be delivered (eg on the job & by whom, off the job, external provider, mentors etc).

Task 4

Identify the records that would need to be kept for learning and development.

Why do we keep records and how should we maintain current learning and development records.

Task 5

Ongoing learning and development are required to maintain effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace. How can David ensure his team members are undertaking ongoing appropriate development?

Human Resource Assignment Solution on Develop Teams & Individuals

Case analysis

Before going through the case I detail I would like to summarise the case under following points.

  • David is an employee of a financial services organization (Bank or some stock broking firm). Due to his technical skills and experience he becomes team leader of a client service team. He does not have experience to lead a team like this before.
  • Challenge before him is to convert a suppressed team into self-motivated award winning team with correcting team performance management system.
  • The team is full of negative thoughts and apprehensions about their changing roles.
  • Communication between team members and outside of the team is very limited.

Assumptions:  1) In the recent we have seen a crisis situation in the market, especially financial services sector and therefore it is assumed that economy is in panic and there is a strong competition among market participants…

Read more in the complete solution PDF document at the end of this page.

Task 2

Many authors have worked in the direction for recommending certain skill set and behavioral aspects as required by leaders in the changing scenario. These competencies and behavioral aspects are explained below as per the case study.

Developing competencies for David as per Cohen (1992) recommendations

Conger (1993) discusses the six critical competencies required by corporate leaders out of which three are the by-product of the market place (increased competition) and three are the by-product of changing work force (employee needs and background. Conger (1993) states that under competitive pressure, leaders at all levels require becoming: strategic opportunists; globally aware; and capable of managing decentralized organizations. Conger further states that in a paradigm where needs and background of an employee are changing, leaders at all levels requires being: sensitive to the issue of diversity; interpersonally competent; and community builder.

In our case study, I have observed that pressure both outside (increased competition) and within an organization (employee needs and background) exist. Therefore, Cohen (1993) study seems most appropriate to describe David's competencies required in the new role…

Read more in the complete solution PDF document at the end of this page.

Task 3

To achieve strategic objectives, a good training plan identifies and organizes right people with right skills and knowledge at the right time to the organization. In my opinion, a plan for team learning and development for next 12 months should include:

  • Identifying the skills and knowledge gaps in the organization.
  • Identifying various ways for training and development.
  • Allocating/considering costs of resources required for training.

Linking the training requirements for strategic objectives of the organization and suggest it as a standard for everyone.

Task 4

  1. A learning and development record for training programs is a record of training, development and learning of individuals. This record contains an assessment of the impact on the skills, knowledge and learning of individual.

Task 5

To ensure the appropriate development of his team members, David need to run performance evaluation of learning and development. Raab et al.(1987) defines training evaluation as a process of collecting and analyzing information of a training program which can be used to plan and decision making of various components of training.

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