E-Business Systems Report Part A -

E-Business Systems Report Part A

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Business Management Question

Write a research report, of about 2000 words in length, on evaluating an existing e-business system and developing a prototype for an improved e-business solution
The first part (Part A) of this assignment is to evaluate an existing e-business system. The discussion will take the form of a well-researched e-business evaluation report, and at no timemay degenerate into the author’s unsupported opinion. The point of the exercise is to identify drawbacks present in the existing e-business system and suggest an improved e-business solution that you would develop as an e-commerce website prototype in Part B of the assignment.  Your report should be well supported with in-text citations and full references from respected sources. You should include academic journals, books, theses, trade magazines and well-respected sources of related Internet material as you find to be relevant. There should be a minimum number of FIVE (5) relevant references in your report, and only ONE (1) of these sources may be from a website. You must follow proper Harvard style referencing; including inline citation. In the second part  (Part B)  of this assignment, you will develop an e-commerce website prototype as an improved e-business solution for a business enterprise you have evaluated in Part A. You will also prepare a lanning and development report for the e-commerce website. 
Note: As discussed in class and online, resources that may be of use have been posted onto the course website.
The report for Part A contributes (up to) 20% of your final mark. The report must include discussion of the following:
1. how is the existing e-business system used by the organisation
2. the drawbacks of the existing system 
3. how an improved e-business solution is proposed to be developed
4. the technology used in the development of the solution
5. identification of the ethical, and legal implications of the solution
6. how the change would have an impact on the staff and organisation.
Business Management Solution
The increasing need for faster and customized delivery and customer expectations towards personalized services have paved the way for the peer-to-peer crowdsourced delivery services. This is driven by the growth in e-commerce activities. From a business point of view, the cost involved in shipping is a major hindrance for both online and physical retailers affecting the comfortable and affordable shopping experience of customers. From the point of society, the growth in parcel delivery is a cause of environmental concern attracting public attention. This has led to the development of crowd shipping based on a low-cost structure and the usage of a social network.
This report analyses a new technological solution proposition for Meemeep, a cloud shipping service provider. The current technology involves the usage of a user interactive online portal. The new solution proposed is a mobile application to guarantee ease of access and management of delivery tasks. Despite the advantages, Meemeep is expected to face threats arising from the ethical and legal issues arising from data privacy, confidentiality and security. For the success of the new technology implementation, Meemeep has to efficiently manage the change so that the business function remains hassle-free from employee and customer standpoint.


The development of the peer-to-peer network is considered as a technological capability that has the ability to integrate various resources such as computer and storage systems and connectivity bandwidth over the internet at a lesser cost with wider applications (Vu, Lupu & Ooi 2009). This is evident from the applications being developed in this paradigm. One such application is the development of peer-to-peer crowd shipping platforms driven by the growth in a collaborative economy where individuals transport goods at their own will and on mutual agreement (Roussat & Carbone 2015). This research report is based on the crowd shipping platform of Meemeep, an Australia based package delivery services provider (Meemeep 2016). It offers an insight into the operations of the existing business system at Meemeep, the challenges in the existing system, proposed improvements, and technology to be used for improvements, ethical and legal implication arising from the new solution and its impact on the staff and the company………………


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