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Information Technology Assignment Question

You have been hired as an Information Systems consultant to examine State Health Centre, a fictitious multi-centre State Government Hospital, with about 20-specialist cardiologists. The hospital is modern and comes with state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, including wireless systems. The registrar, who is responsible for all patient safety and service quality affairs, wants to revise the IT structure and is especially interested in integrating access to all services through mobile devices inside and beyond the hospital. Your task is to develop a Business Systems Plan for Enterprise Planning And Implementation (with full justification as to how these are applicable to the organisation) so as to accommodate mobile access to various services provided by the hospital. Your task is to develop a planning document that details how a mobile access system can be implemented. You can use your imagination but MUST address the following:

  1. Any potential customer of the State Health Centre must be able to securely access all information aspects pertaining to services offered using a variety of mobile devices.
  1. The planning should involve provision for security, privacy and other user and organisational concerns.
  1. Your planning should identify the various security configuration options available on the market.
  1. The planning should include consideration of various operating systems needed for this implementation, and these should be properly segmented and structured.
  1. The planning should also indicate a provisional list of expense items. You don't have to provide a costing now, as this will be done in the second assignment.

Information Technology Assignment Solution on Enterprise planning and implementation

Executive Summary

Designing a wireless environment to provide an end to end solution for Healthcare Industry is challenging because its infrastructure is complex. The modern infra should provide the flexibility and agility to support the new era of technological concept of 'Bring Your Own Device' – (BYOD) and Wearable technology. The basic requirement is to support a platform independent interface wherein connecting mobile devices will have any of the Operating platforms. The deployment of a wired and wireless IT Infrastructure, that can be integrated into all the handheld devices including the mobile phones, tablets and PDAs will provide a paperless/ filmless environment for the Healthcare Industry thus increasing productivity and quality of service.

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Enterprise Planning And Implementation is an important aspect. Over the years, the healthcare industry has taken a sharp turn, as a result of the change in lifestyle of the society. The future of this industry will largely depend on how well the hospitals keep a track of their clients and patients health and at the same time, they should not make the patients' wait in long queues and waste their time. One answer to this practical problem is the development of the technology called wearable computing based on the foundation of Nanotechnology. This tech provides the user smart gadgets like smart watches, bracelets, wristbands and special inner wears are designed with integrated chips having body sensors and wireless receptors, that will keep a track of users health related information like blood pressure, heartbeat, pulse rate, cardiovascular movements etc.

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Assumptions Made

Deploying a wireless technology can be difficult as there can be intermittent signal transmission issues like stray signals emerging from surrounding networks. We are assuming that the environment is adaptive for wireless transmissions.


During the designing and deploying this architecture it is very important to safeguard the valuable healthcare care information from threats of getting unauthorised disclosure and modifications. The below mentioned points are addressed in the design.

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While designing a wireless network system with an optimal cost for State Health Centre, the overall design is kept same for all the locations and the best vendors with minimal charges are taken into consideration. Cisco is the technology partner for the solution and design. A Wide Area Network (WAN) connection is provided by the global vendor named Cable and Wireless to provide Internet and Ethernet access to all the locations. The assortments of HP server blades are deployed on the Hospitals Data Centre.


The Data Centre of the health care hospital is the most critical area of the entire premise and hence will be safeguarded by physical guards 24 x7 CCTV monitoring, restricted access to personals through access control and Biometric Doors.


This design will provide the Hospital IT infrastructure with resilience and protection against any untoward incident of data compromise and ensure immediate access to patient medical history. This will greatly help the patient with timely treatments, streamlined workflow and disease management.

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