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Finance Assignment Question

This is a group assignment for on campus students and the group should consist of not more than 2 students. On campus students not working in group will reflect a lack of collaborative learning. FLEX students can also do this assignment in group of 2 but this is likely to be difficult and therefore can do this assignment individually. If students do this assignment as a group, only one member of the group will submit the assignment online by uploading it in Moodle. The marksheet of this assignment is your coversheet and the names of the students in the group must be clearly indicated, or if you are doing individually, your name is to be written on the marksheet. The rubric on the mark sheet allows you to understand how the marks are distributed for each question.

For students doing the assignment in group of 2, by completing the names in the marksheet, you are acknowledging that both of you would have contributed almost similar amount of time and effort and that the same mark will be awarded to both. Should one student believes he/she should get more marks than the other student, both of you must make a signed declaration of how the marks are to be divided and this pdf declaration is to be upload separately on the Moodle site.

Please provide answers / solutions to the 8 Review Questions (RQ)/Problems (P) that can be found at the end of each chapter of the prescribed textbook (6 th edition). Formulae for the problems are available on the formulae sheet provided in Moodle.

Question 1: Chapter 3: RQ 3-12

Question 2: Chapter 4: P 4-34

Question 3: Chapter 9: RQ 9-21

Question 4: Chapter 10: RQ 10-9

Question 5: Chapter 10: P 10-20

Question 6: Chapter 12: P 12-10

Question 7: Chapter 14: P 14-21

Question 8: Chapter 18: P18-14

For calculation questions, marks will be awarded for the accuracy in the calculations, showing the right formulae to be used, the steps shown in arriving at the answers, the correct answers and any diagrams/timeline as required. Correct answers alone will give you 50% of the total mark.

For theory question, it should not be longer than 1 page (or NOT more than 350 words) and students are to write essay type responses in your own words. Marks will be awarded for clarity of explanations and paraphrasing from other sources including the textbooks. Concise description and correctness of answers are also important together with any diagrams or figures where applicable.

Where copying from other sources results in high % similarity, marks will be deducted as shown on the marksheet. Therefore, proper use of in-text referencing is important and avoid direct quotes. Turnitin will be used to check % similarity. Please do not copy the questions to be answered from the textbook as it would be reflected as part of the % similarity. As a guide, % similarity in excess of 20% will not be awarded the full mark for this category.  There is a tendency for students to upload the assignment to check % similarity using Turnitin. Please note that once you upload the assignment, you cannot delete it. If another member of the group is to upload the final  version, this could result in 100% similarity. Remember if you have done the work yourself, there is no need to check as allowing up to 20% similarity without penalty is very reasonable.

Under extenuating circumstances where high % similarity indicates copying from written works of other students in CQU (from previous terms) or other universities or any other institutions world-wide, the assignment will be reviewed by academic misconduct board for appropriate actions.

The assignment will be marked out of 100 marks but will be scaled down to 20 marks. Penalty for late submission is 5% per calendar day, ie, 1 mark per day including Saturday and Sunday.

Finance Assignment Solution

1: RQ 3-12

It is noted that the direct transfer of funds have been increased in the investment market.Direct transfer of funds facilitates the investors to transfer funds directly without usingbank cheques or wire transfer. There are different advantages associated with the directtransfer of funds. First of all, it provides financial security to both the sender and thereceiver in the sense that funds go directly from the sender’s account to the receiver’saccount. Next, there will be the instant transfer of funds to the receiver’s account, withoutany delay. Another benefit of the direct transfer of funds is that it provides theconvenience to investors as they are not dependent on the third party, the process oftransferring funds becomes easier. Direct transfer of funds saves costs in terms oftransaction costs as there are less transaction costs involved with the direct transfer of the cost relative to other sources of transfer (Sadler, 2016)…………….

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