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Education-Teaching Assignment Question

This portfolio should be presented using the following headings below and will contain an account of your learning across this unit. Your Portfolio will consist of the following:

  1. A critical reflection (incorporating scholarly references) on your three key strengths, and three of your other main career influences and how these impact your career action plan.  You must refer to self-assessment activities and card sorts used during classes. 
  2. A career action plan that is designed to help you achieve your short-term and medium-term goals. The plan should include ALL of the following information:
  • Three short term (within one year) and three medium term goals (within 2-3 years) – it should include a mixture of study and career goals.
  • Realistic steps (actions) you should undertake in the next year and next 2-3 years to achieve your career goals. Make sure you link this with your self-understanding and career knowledge, gained through your critical reflection in part one.
  • A list of at least three barriers to achieving your actions with accompanying proactive solutions.
  1. Quizzes

You must complete quizzes for all five of the following modules in the Career Development Program  from Topic 6:

  • Self-understanding 1
  • Self-understanding 2
  • Defining your opportunities
  • Career decision making
  • Branding myself

Note you must score 80% or higher on each quiz to satisfy requirements. Repeated quiz attempts are permitted. Once you score above 80%, your quiz results will then show in your Grade Centre. Each quiz is worth one mark towards the overall grade for your Portfolio.  

You must include at least 4 scholarly references (refereed journals, book chapters and reputable organisation websites) in your assessment.

The Submission:

Your portfolio should be written in report format, using formal “Academic English”.  Incorporate the following sections:

  • Table of contents
  • Introduction 
  • Critical reflection
  • Career action plan
  • Barriers and solutions
  • Conclusion 
  • References (a minimum of 4 scholarly references)

Education-Teaching Assignment Solution


Learning is essential for the future career of a student. After completing the previous units of acquiring the learning and language degree, an individual arrives at a stage of learning for a future career. It has been observed that learning is dependent on every particular individual as they learn by constructing own knowledge in a particular way with the help of previous experiences as well as existing knowledge for making sense of the new information. Learning is not an isolated process; learning along with others is more valuable and richer as compared to the learning alone. Such a learning process could take place in non-formal, formal and informal situations. Learning is also considered as cumulative as the earlier learning of an individual has an impact on the efficacy of learning events and a sense of new information. In this study, the researcher has done a critical reflection on the personal key strengths of learning and various career influences. The impact of these strengths and career influence on the career action plan has also been discussed in this study. A career action plan has also been developed by determining short-term and medium-term goals that include a mixture of career and study goals. In this study, the researcher is assumed to be a management student, whose strengths and career influence factors have been described.

Critical reflection

Every individual has unique strengths within themselves. As commented by (Roberts, 2017)  knowing the natural talents, abilities, as well as personal accomplishments, would help an individual to choose a major career. Several strengths are able to make tasks feel effortless like understanding information, reasoning skills or eye-hand coordination. In my learning process, I have identified three strengths that I have within myself, such as creativity, leadership and teamwork. Due to my creativity skills, I am able to develop various innovative and creative ideas for completing the tasks that have been allotted to me. These creative skills help to complete my tasks effectively as compared to the others. For achieving his own career goals, it is very important for an individual to identify his own strengths and weaknesses (Teychenne, 2017). With my creative skill, I am able to miraculously forge pieces of work greatly. Creativity skill could be considered as the ability for conceiving and creating the values in a unique manner, including innovative ideas and concepts. I also possess a great leadership skill with the help of which I would be able to lead a team. This skill would help me effectively in my professional career to achieve to lead a team and make them achieve the desired goals effectively. Teamwork is also a strength that I possess as I am able to work in a team together by collaborating with the other team members.

Factors that influence the career of an individual:

  • Personality of an individual
  • Behaviour 
  • Education level

My strengths and the factors that influence career have a large impact on my career action plan. With the help of my strengths, I would be able to prepare an action plan according to which I would act for achieving my goal. I would set my goals according to the above factors according to my capability. These factors are the basic factors that should be considered before setting goals and creating an action plan as these factors help us determine the goals that we want to achieve according to our ability and requirement.

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