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Education-Teaching Assignment Question

Describe your beliefs about the principal factors that contribute to learning?

Education-Teaching Assignment Solution

The environment plays a very important role in the process of learning as it is very important to create an engaging and developmental environment for students to inculcate the learning process. The conditions of a classroom should be proper that helps students and teachers with learning and maintain communication. According to psychological factors, it is important for students to keep their emotions aside and concentrate on learning. For instance, during an emotional turmoil, students may not be able to focus on learning. Personal filters are other factors that contribute to learning that are basically the attitude towards the sender or receiver, which if negatively carried out can affect learning.
My beliefs align most with constructivist and communication perspectives because they provide space and opportunities to understand the uniqueness of an individual and work on the communication gap to be able to understand the students better while working on solutions in a holistic manner respectively………………..

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