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Linguistics Assignment Sample On Mandarin 11 Cultural Projects

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Linguistics Assignment Question

  1. How do the loanwords affect our expression in English or Chinese?
  2. How popular are the loanwords in modern western or Chinese society?
  3. Which group of people uses these loanwords more frequently?
  4. What is your reflection on loanwords in general?
  5. What is revealed about the culture in loanwords?

Linguistics Assignment Solution on Mandarin 11 Cultural Projects

Chinese Loanwords

English Origin                                Pinyin                                 Chinese Character

  1. Motor                                 mǎdà                            马达 (borrowed directly from English)
  2. Humor                              yōumò                           幽默 (borrowed directly from English)
  3. Microphone                màikèfēng                   麦克风 (borrowed directly from English)
  4. Smart                             shímáo                       时髦 (borrowed directly from English)
  5. Copy                                   kǎobèi                          拷贝 (borrowed directly from English)
  6. Bus                                 bāshì                            巴士 (borrowed directly from English)
  7. Email                              yīmèir                           伊妹儿 (borrowed directly from English)
  8. Modern                       módēng                       摩登 (borrowed directly from English)
  9. Miss                                  mìsī                              密斯 (borrowed directly from English)
  10. Mister                           mísītuō                      密斯脱 (borrowed directly from English) 
  11. Engine                        yǐngqíng                     引擎 (borrowed directly from English)
  12. Club                              jùlèbù                            俱乐部 (borrowed directly from English)
  13. Model                          mótèér                          模特儿 (borrowed directly from English)
  14. Bandage                     bēngdài                        绷带 (borrowed directly from English)
  15. Romantic                  luōmàndìkè                 罗漫蒂克 (borrowed directly from English)
  16. Cigar                            xuějiāyān                     雪茄烟 (borrowed directly from English)
  17. Jeep                            jípǔchē                         吉普车 (borrowed directly from English)
  18. Party                           pàiduì                             派对 (borrowed directly from English) 

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1. Western culture and civilization have exerted a lot of influence on the Chinese society; it causes many words borrowed from the English language because there is a lack of word choice to express the thought or action.

2. During the conversation with western people, Chinese Loanwords make an important role. Chinese people use it in professional and daily life with westerns. They use loanwords during soap opera, disco, break dance, party and so on. Loanwords have aided the communication gap between Chinese and western society in terms of business and politics.

3. Loanwords are words brought into one country from another, so it is frequently used by trade, painting, IT, film, and technology and travel groups.

4. In this era, technology is developing at a great speed, and our societies are changing rapidly, many English words will be born in general life. It makes us more comfortable to communicate with another culture, people and group.

5. Sometimes in daily life using loanwords creates a big problem, many people don't aware of  new invented loanwords and they always misunderstood,  Chinese characters always understand by their pictorial expression, if some new words come from English and are written by sound only, then it  makes people confused during conversation and writing.

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