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Management Assignment Question

Project Charter

The Project Charter should explain the background of the organisation where this project will be carried out, the objectives of the project and the importance of this project to the organisation. The project team should also include a Business Case, Milestone Schedule, as well as any major problems or anticipated Risks with this project if they are known at this stage. The textbook provides detailed examples of what needs to be included in the Project Charter. These examples will assist the project team in the development of the Project Charter for My Project.
The project that your team uses could be from one of the following categories depending on the type of business a student is involved in:
• An organisational project that a student is involved in as the organisation's main line of business – to manage projects for your organisation or on behalf of others
• An activity that a student is convinced would benefit from being handled as a project
• An activity in which a student was involved in the past that was not carried out as a project, but one which you believe would have been managed better as a project. If you use this option you should describe how you would execute this activity now using the knowledge gained through this unit.

Management Assignment Solution for Project on Organic Restaurant


This project charter outlines the sustainable development and the charter to Green Valley Restaurant, a new Restaurant situated in the busy and crowded city of Sydney, New South Wales Australia. The scope of this project will include development and management of a 100 seated restaurant. The restaurant will include a hall (60 customer capacity) and a garden (40 customer capacity). The restaurant will also include a 15-20 km home delivery radius. It will also need licensing for opening up of a commercial restaurant.

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The Organic food industry in Australia is estimated to be worth $1.72 billion. It is growing at a wonderful rate of 15% CAGR (Langley, 2014). Thus, this ensures that the industry is rapidly growing and there is a positive inclination of consumers towards Organic foods. Also in terms of support for sourcing, Australia still has the largest area under cultivation of organic foods. There has been an astonishing 53% increase in organic land in Australia from 2011 to 2014 (Langley, 2014). Thus, with a positive and supportive environment for business, the restaurant is being opened with the following vision and mission.
Vision: To popularize the idea of organic cuisine across Australia
Mission: To be the most popular organic food restaurant in Sydney in the next five years and develop a sustainable and profitable business model of an organic food junction.

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• Start an Organic Restaurant in the heart of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia by 10th April 2016.
• Create a strong Brand Equity within the first year of operation and break even within three years.
• Promote the restaurant as a unique family experience that offers wholesome, nutritious and healthy, but also a delicious alternative to the fattening and unhealthy fast food joints as a night with friends and family.

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• Examine the current trends in the food and restaurant business in Australia, and offer a suitable alternative that does not compromise on taste, but benefits the diners in the form of nutrition and health.
• Study the demand for organic food in Sydney and surrounding areas in New South Wales, for future expansion.
• Ascertain and build relationships with potential suppliers of organic food.
• Find a suitable location in Sydney that will maximize revenue. The ideal location would be close to the business hub in Sydney, as it would offer the employees of several organizations a healthy, energetic yet delicious lunch.
• Make a theme based restaurant, which will include an appropriate ambience and décor. The focus will be on including as many green plants into the décor, and additions of wood, finished tables and chairs for the diners to eat in.

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Each business, conceivably confronts difficulties, or dangers. The sorts of danger can shift from business to business yet there are some most organizations have in like manner and by and large can be parted in two variables inside and outside. Hierarchical and operational dangers are the piece of the operational and managerial techniques (Thamhain, 2013). These incorporate disordered or mistaken record keeping, obsolete or flawed IT frameworks or hindrances to the inventory network. On the off chance that one doesn’t stay on top of these the clients could come to see the business as questionable or the business could conceivably lose all its information (Flanagan, 2013).

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This report thus covers the initial phase of the project, including the project charter, WBS and the communication plan. It is just the beginning of the project and as the project progresses a lot of changes have to be made as per the requirements. Other details of project management like scheduling, budgeting and RCAI chart will be covered in the next report.

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