Terrorism And Safety Concerns For International Students In The US

Terrorism And Safety Concerns For International Students In The US

There Has Been Lots Of Issues Concerning The Safety Of International Students

Those who are well aware of international education and understand Terrorism And Safety Concerns are often of the view that U.S. is a crime-ridden country. However, in the recent past, issues concerning the safety of international students attaining education in the U.S. have been extremely grave. John Kerry, Secretary of State was even cited as saying that there existed a fear of gun violence particularly for Japanese students. Also, it cannot be neglected that one student dies while three others were declared to be injured in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Terrorism And Safety Concerns Boston Marathon BombingsBoston Marathon Bombings

A student of Boston University names Lu Lingzi, who was pursuing her graduation in the field of mathematics and statistics and belonged to Shenyang, died in the tragedy. Out of the other three students who were reported to be injured, two belonged to Saudi Arabia while one belonged to China. One of the two Saudi Arabian students was also identified incorrectly as a suspect by a media house, which further tensed the Saudi embassy, according to marketing management assignment help professionals.

The past few years have witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of students flying from countries like China and Saudi Arabia to attain higher, good quality education in the U.S., as a direct consequence of government Scholarship programs in these nations. The increase in number of international students in U.S.A. has also led to a proportional increase in their safety concerns.

A report published by the British Council in October, 2012 presented varied opinions on safety in U.S. with some students rating the country in the top five as far as safety was concerned, while others voted for it as the least-safe nation for higher education. International marketing assignment help experts claim that the polarized opinions were evidence of the diverse cultures and demographics present in the country.

Risk v/s Native place of a student due to Terrorism And Safety Concerns

According to marketing communications assignment help experts, while surveying students on safety issues in the U.S., the British Council observed that while on one hand the students believed that the probability of occurrence of terror attack was low, on the other hand, they expressed a fear of prevalence of guns.

A professor at Monash University, Australia, named Chris Nyland, responded to Secretary Kerry’s comment and said that the results of the report did not come as a surprise to him. He went on to reveal that he himself had conducted a similar survey with a sample size of about 200 international students to observe that while most students considered Australia to be a safer bet as compared to their home-states, the case was not the same for natives from Singapore and Japan as they were under a constant terror threat.

MBA assignment help experts state that this has led to a steep decrease in the number of students belonging to these countries studying in the U.S. Other reasons leading to the decrease could be economic factors as well as the aging population of Japan, according to marketing assignment help experts.

Marketing coursework states that as far as the list comprising international students’ concerns is to be talked about, the British council reports that student safety has risen on the list in a phenomenal manner from number 19 of 19 in the year 2007 to a staggering number 5 in 2012. These figures can be cited if you need help with marketing assignment.

Marketing assignments for MBA students reveal that the persistent attacks on international students that take place in the U.S. are not only confined to the country, but go on to become a piece of international news. The case, encapsulating the murder of two International students of Chinese origin at the South California University is a recent example of the same.

Professor Nyland, however, stated that the impact of bombings in Boston Marathon may not be major on the decisions of international students regarding whether or not to be a part of the institute considering the overall brand image of Boston’s colleges. He cited another observation from his own research findings that Chinese parents were more concerned about the safety issues of their children as compared to the children themselves.

This led to an inference that in a nutshell, the quality of education being offered by the educational institute is of greater significance to students than their own safety, which is the reason why the number of students in Universities of U.S. has remained more or less constant.

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