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Presentation of a Reading Strategy

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English Assignment Question

For this assignment, you are going to become the “expert” on a reading strategy to help ELs  improve their reading skills. If you’d like, you may invent a reading strategy, use a strategy you  have observed in use, or use a reading strategy from the Miami-Dade ESOL Strategies Matrix  which can be found in MyCourses. 

Strategy demonstration 

Once you have identified your reading strategy and understand it, prepare a 3-5 minute  video of yourself modeling this strategy. Include the following in your video: 1) Strategy name 

2) Ideal scenario for use (grade? level of oral language proficiency? content area?) 3) Materials/ resources needed 

4) Demonstrate the strategy as if you were using it in a classroom (e.g., if you  choose “picture walk” as your strategy, do a picture walk as if you were using this  reading strategy with a classroom of students) 

Upload your video to YouTube. Save it as Unlisted or Public, so I can access the video. Do not set it to Private until I have evaluated it. 


Write a 1-2 paragraph summary of research that supports the use of the strategy and how  it will help ELs language/content development and comprehension. Be sure to cite your  references as in-text citations; at least three references are required. 

Write a 1-2 paragraph reflection of the usefulness of this strategy for helping ELs  improve their reading skills and whether or not you believe you would attempt to use this  strategy with your students.  

Include the link to your video at the end of your reflection.  

Include the citations for the research you referenced in your summary paragraph(s). 

English Assignment Solution


To amend ELs reading knowledge, Teachers are consistently looking for strategies to amend ELs skills in the schoolroom. To improve ELs reading comprehension’s ELs should drive themselves to keep engaged diligently and additionally ask for help from the class teacher if they confront problems continuously. I, myself as a teacher, will recommend a reading strategy which I also use in my classroom is ‘Picture Walk’. In this strategy, ELs utilizes their preceding knowledge, and forecasting expertise’s as they all are educated on their strategy ‘Picture Walk’ as well as go through complete book page wise by using the examples to simply help them realize the story as well as to find out what’ll actually happen (“Teacher-in-Charge / What is a “Picture Walk”?”, 2017). Younger and ELs grade students, while using the Picture Walk strategy, look for an interpretation of characters, attempt to find out the real-time of whole event or story, and find out clues about what will actually happen. As we’re usually curious beings, and if we suddenly see something fascinating, we wish to attempt to completely understand it. ELs could be particularly interested because every day delivers them new questions which they need to be simply answered and new experiences (Yang, 2015). In preparing ELs for an interpreter or a read-aloud group discussion, teachers can encourage their natural interest and displeasure ELs interest in an event by using the Picture Walk strategy. Resources such as articles, webcasts, videos and tip sheets are required for this strategy. Storytelling through Picture Walk strategy is required to Increase the Oral Language Competence or Proficiency of ELs. Before opening any book, show them the cover page and read the complete title. Ask them about what they determine the story or event will be, based just on what they actually see (Narayan, 2012). Question them about every image they see, as well as try to generate reactions that want them to build inferences relied upon the pictures, and not based on the words, on every page. Therefore, a picture walk is simply going through all pages of any book before examining it in aloud session with students and utilizing the examples to ascertain what’s proceeding on every page.


The picture walk strategy can serve the student as the best tool to mix their interest in the story as well as in read-aloud group discussions. It not only encourages the ELs to participate in the class discussion but additionally, it may boost their awareness about the event or story (Cobb, 2016). Giving them a desirable view of visible events things must help to mix their imaginations as well as assist them in weaving a rational frame of guide for appropriate, arranging and analyzing what they simply hear as teachers study about the specific story or event. Likewise, it is essential that the ELs has the flexibility to not engage verbally if they therefore wish. The less comfortable ELs might want just to listen at this point, and for such students, it is essential to measure their consideration to make sure that they all are emotionally engaged in-class discussion. Once teachers are done with the reading strategy “picture walk” as well as have begun the specific read-aloud procedure, short group discussions are surely very advantageous to the ELs because they strengthen the critical thinking power of ELs that teachers fueled by inspiring their interest throughout the Picture Walk (Briggs & Forbes, 2015). I was a teacher also use this strategy to assist my students as Strolling through the images in a textual matter with an ELs and prepares ELs for simply reading the text as well as taught the usage of visual clue like a reading scheme. Picture walks ignite fascination with the concept and set the desire for ELs to read and find out more about the concept. It helps the ELs to acquire an experience for where as well as when the concept occurs, the people in the event, and what can happen in an event. They could give ELs a tool or an instrument to prepare the information in the event, increasing the ELs comprehension of the concept.

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