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Proposal on Indigenous Australian

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What are the issues, problems and factors that affect the lives of the Aboriginal community and how effective have government efforts been in addressing such dilemmas?

Sociology Assignment Solution
The paper can be introduced as an outline of the indigenous research on the aboriginal people in Australia. The main purpose is to investigate on the aboriginal people as an insider researcher to obtain the decolonized outcome of the study. This paper has explained my standpoint on the topic as a researcher as well. The focus of the study is towards the explanation of the topic and question of research. The proposal has provided extensive insider research on the topic by evaluating the relevant literature. In the meantime, the ethics, methodology, method of conducting the study, protocols of the ethical implementation and limitations in the process have been discussed in association with the question.


I am a student of indigenous research methods with young blood. I am a non-native English speaker grown the outside of the country. I have come through this country to study social science as part of my integrated course. Therefore, I would like to create a standpoint about the aboriginal people from my side. I would like to construe the study on the pillar of false implications in the past researches on Torres Strait islanders. The indigenous research has failed due to incorrect facilities as well as the effective participation of the researcher to investigate the facts. The aboriginal Australians’ engagement of the researchers was necessary for their association with the study. I have past experience with indigenous people in different parts of the world. Therefore, I have a natural interest in the aboriginal people of Australia. It would help me to reach the goal of the project in a successful manner. My experience with the indigenous people will help me to participate with the aboriginal people in the country……………………..

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