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Business Management Assignment Question

Collate and analyse data from your 20 questionaries to write a 1200 word report providing recommendations to your client. Your report should be structured as detailed in the unit. A model report will be available on the QCD211 blackboard site as a guide only. Refer to this model as you prepare, but do not copy any part into your report.

Business Management Assignment Solution


International education is not a very uncommon trend today. A lot of students prefer studying in international colleges leaving their own countries and cultures. This usually imposes an unexpected challenge to the students in the context of cultural and social integration with the new faced culture. Different nations have different cultures which also impacts their education system and classroom environment. Incapability of foreign nation based students often causes isolation of students from the groups and communities of local students. Although colleges and administration often try to help students avoid such uncomfortable issues regarding, still these issues persist in almost all international education students in some or the other manner.



Cultural variations are an integral part of international education. The very fact that the international students leave their own culture and try to adjust to a new culture in a new country, makes them susceptible to cultural issues and differences. Their level of participation in foreign culture & cultural events and also the level of acceptance by local students & society depend on a lot of factors (Brown & Holloway, 2008). The report here is an approach by the students of QUTIC to understand the perspective of QUTIC students about global cultural issues. It also researches on nature and degree of QUTIC students in global cultural matters and events.



The objective of this report is to submit a detailed analysis of the perception of international students on the global cultural issue. The report is based on the quantitative and qualitative research done using the answers of a set of 12 questions by 20 students of QUTIC.  The core objective of this report is to understand the perspective of an international student on global cultural issues. It will also try to develop a basic understanding of cultural issues faced by international students. At the end of the report, based on our understanding of the situation, the report will also put forth certain recommendations.



The research is based on the primary data collected with the help of questionnaires. These questions have been answered by 20 QUTIC students. These questions are mostly qualitative in nature and the analysis that is being done is both qualitative and quantitative in nature. We will be trying to draw some references and patterns on the responses of the 20 QUTIC students. The results that will be obtained will be backed up by the data that has been collected from the QUTIC students. The respondents are all students based on different nations. A majority of them are from India whereas few also belong to China, Indonesia, Taiwan, etc.




The question asked here was to understand that whether international students consider cultural issues important or not. These cultural issues include religion, language, festivals and work culture related matters.


2.1.1. FINDING

Based on our analysis we found that a big percentage of students (70%, being exact) are concerned about the cultural issues and perspectives. The other responses opted by the students are very concerned (15%), undecided (5%) and unconcerned (10%). These are the only four options available to students for answering.



The finding gives a clear picture regarding the perspective of international students on the degree of their concern over cultural issues. The majority of the students believe that cultural issues are a concern for their education and living in the colleges and the universities.



All the 20 students were asked to respond about the medium of communication from which they hear about cultural and environmental issues. The available options given to them were television, newspaper, internet sources, radio and others. They were also given the freedom to choose more than one options as per their experience.


2.2.1. FINDING

Our analysis showed that around 47% of students hear about cultural and environmental issues from television. After television internet (29.5%) and newspaper (17.7%) are the medium through which they hear the most about these issues.


The result obtained from this question clearly shows that it is through television, by which international students come to know about environmental and cultural issues. After television internet is the most powerful medium of communication for the same. This also proves that to inspire cultural integrity and resolve cultural issues of international students with the host country, television, and the internet is the most powerful medium.



Religious events and functions are an integral part of any culture. All universities prefer to celebrate their religious events and functions in one way or other. Thus, the question asked under this section to the international students is whether they like to participate in religious events of their host country or not.


2.3.1. FINDING

Our finding for this questionnaire was not very conclusive as half of the students responded that they like to participate in cultural and religious functions of the host country whereas half responded that they don't.



The result of the analysis of the interest of students in participating in religious events of the host country was not very conclusive. This may be due to the fact that the numbers of respondents were pretty low. However, an understanding of the reasons behind participation or no participation of students in cultural events can bring much clarity (Gelb, 2012).



This question was to find out students' perspective towards the degree of effect religion and culture has in their study. Does their point of view on religion affect the study of students, was the question being asked?


2.4.1. FINDING

We found that 60% of students believe that religion does affect their education and studying in some manner. However, only 5% strongly agree that religion affects their study and 20% of the student also strongly disagree with the above notion.



The findings prove that may be a majority of students does believe to some extent if not very strongly, that religion does affect the education and studying.  This may be because of the effect of religion on the teaching methods, holidays and course curriculum (Bates, 2006).



In this part, students were asked about their first choice of language for daily communication. The options available to them were English, French, Arabic, and Spanish.


2.5.1. FINDING

The figure below clearly shows that almost all (86%) of the respondents prefer English as their language of daily communication.


The above results show that if English could be used by colleges and universities in not only education and teaching, but also in conveying cultural messages and organizing cultural events; more and more international student may show interest and participate in them.


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