Rough Seas on the LINK650 on Organisational Behaviour -

Rough Seas on the LINK650 on Organisational Behaviour

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Management Assignment Question

The structure of the report should be as follows:

A]  Brief review of the key points of the case, with the review connected to the key points you are going to draw from the literature (around 350 words)

B]  Detailed analysis of the case, illustrated with evidence drawn from the literature (around 1250 words).  This ideally should be an integrated, well organised review of the articles/book chapters you have selected that address the case.  In preparing this, ask yourself questions such as:

∙does the paper contain evidence that is relevant to the case?

∙does the paper help us to analyse the case and develop solutions to the problems that occurred?

C]  Conclusion and recommendations (around 350 words)

A few other important points:

Use headings and sub-headings as appropriate. Your report must include in-text referencing and a correctly cited list of all references used in the report and ordered alphabetically by surname of first author, in accordance with the Harvard style of referencing (THIS IS IMPORTANT) as referred to in the Faculty Guide for students.

Management Assignment Solution


The situation under which Shaun was working in LINK650 was very straining and frustrating. This part of the report will try to have a deeper understanding of the employees' expectation along with that of Shaun's (Beer, 1998). Scenario analysis will do the following in sequence.

·         Understanding the needs and expectation of employees and Shaun. We will be using Maslow's Hierarchy of needs for this part.

·         Expected and actual behaviour of the company using the Four Drive theory

·         Impact of dissatisfaction of the employees using ELV theory

·         Organizational Commitment-Theories and factors



Whenever an employee joins a particular organization they have certain expectations. They expect the organization to fulfil their certain needs and requirements. Usually, these needs have a proper sequence and hierarchy. Maslow's hierarchy of needs defines this particular sequence (Jerome, 2013).  These defined needs in the increasing order of their importance are:


·         Physiological needs: It includes basic needs of survival i.e., food, water, health, etc.

·         Safety: It includes physical and psychological safety i.e. job security.

·         Social: It includes belongingness and team spirit

·         Esteem: It includes self-respect, dignity, etc.

·         Self-Actualization: It is the highest order of need which means self-realization of completion and satisfaction.


In the given scenario when Shaun joined LINK650 leaving his previous jobs, he had high expectations. The needs defined in the Maslow's Hierarchy are usually fulfilled from top to bottom. It is human tendency to look for the fulfilment of a higher order need only when a lower order need is fulfilled (Robbins & Judge, 2009). Shaun's physiological needs can be assumed to be fulfilled in the given scenario. However, his next level of needs i.e. safety followed by social needs were most probably not fulfilled in LINK650. The conditions in the company were too harsh for working and also there was a lack of job security. Also, the working conditions lacked the basic safety levels. Many of the employees were fired without any reasons or for very insufficient reasons at best. The company did not treat its employees with the respect that it should. Even Shaun once almost lost his job just because his supervisor assumed that he could do the jobs much faster without having any idea about the ground conditions. Shaun also lacked fulfilment of any social need from his company because of the unacceptable behaviour and attitude of the employer and the supervisors. Even after the death of a fellow employee, the company failed to realize its mistake and this even further enhances the sense of insecurity in Shaun and the other employees. Shaun tried his level best to adjust to the scenario but it was too much to handle for any human being. We will be analyzing the expected and actual behavior of the employee and the motivation to do so in the next section of the report.



Employees' performance is related to their motivation. Many employers used to believe that monetary rewards are the only and sufficient motivation of performance for an employee. However, researchers proved that it may not be the case in most cases. Employees' can be motivated by several ways. The Four Drive theory explains how employees should be motivated by employers in the workplace to ensure efficient performance from them (Nohria, Groysberg, & Lee, 2008).


·         Acquire & Achieve: This is the basic drive for an individual to acquire the physical goods i.e. money, shelter, luxury, etc. and to achieve much more complicated social factors such as status and power (Abraham, 2010). Setting up a clear path to an employees' performance and achievement of these goals can motivate an employee to perform exceedingly well. LINK650, on the other hand, lacked any such framework to inspire the employees.  Thus, the employees were highly demotivated and always in a mood to avoid work and the supervisors.

·         Bond: A social and psychological bonding among employees and between employees and the senior management drives loyalty and zeal to perform among the employees (Emelander, 2001). Supervisors in LINK650 had no bonding with the employees whatsoever. The employees hated the supervisor to the core for their improper attitude. Also, the higher management tried everything on their part to beak the bonding between the employees.

·         Learn & Comprehend: A suitable environment for learning always inspires the employees to work harder. However, in LINK650 the working conditions were too harsh and unsystematic. The employees were always forced to meet almost impossible targets and thus, there was no environment of learning. Learning needs a favourable work environment which was not at all the case in LINK650 oil rig.

·         Defend: Usually there are factors in a job environment which inspires a defensive attitude in the employees. It is usually not desired for the healthy work environment. The management must work actively to ensure that such factors are eliminated or mitigated to inspire the confidence of employees towards the company (Emelander, 2001). There were lots of such negative environment in LINK650, but the management did nothing to mitigate them. This demotivated the employees and thus they behave in all negative manner expected.

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