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Education-Teaching Assignment Question

Attend a district school board meeting of your choice and summarize your experience in APA essay format.  Make sure you get an original agenda so you can refer to it and hand it in as well as the original verification form – NO faxes or scanned/copied papers. Arrive early and act/dress professionally.
What to write about in your paper about the meeting:
1. Identify the meeting participants.
2. Is anyone from the public in attendance?  If so, who?
3. Key issues discussed?
4. Did anyone express differing views and how did the board respond?
5. What decisions were made?
6. What did you notice in particular?
7. What surprised you about the meeting?
8. How long were you in attendance at the meeting?
9. How were you dismissed from the meeting?

Education-Teaching Assignment Solution

The Columbia Board of Education meeting on September 12, 2016, was attended by Board members Dr. Peter Stiepleman, James Whitt, Linda Quinley, Mr. Sessions, Ms. Mees, Ms Wode, Ms. King, Mr. Preis, and Mr. Cushing. The meeting was open to the public and there were a number of teachers and parents as well as the general public numbering 24 in the audience.
The first issue that was discussed was the development of a new method of organizing and recording student’s progress which had been developed by a member of the staff Matt Luctamin. The staff member concerned had developed innovative software to record student’s progress and increase their learning in his own personal time. He has made an application to the Board to take his innovation to the public and make it a commercial venture through his company Infusion Matrix Software LLC Ltd and his application was now under consideration by the Board. CBE’s existing policy was that if staff members developed anything while on the job that was later commercially marketed; the Board would have a claim on this. The actual details of the arrangement would be made on a case by case basis after negotiating with the staff member.
The discussion of this issue by the Board which was the first issue that came up was quite interesting and spoke highly of the professionalism of the Board members and the values of the Columbia Schools as an institution. The conclusion arrived at in this issue was to enter into a contract with the staff concerned where he was allowed to market his new software through his own company in his own time and the institution would be entitled to a share of profits that were made after a 36 month period and the sharing of profits with CBE would depend on the volume of the profit. The debate around this issue centered on whether the policy needs to be changed and if making an exception to a policy for one staff member would set a precedent and if that precedent would have good effects or detrimental effect on the motivation of other staff members who were similarly entrepreneurial. The debate closed with Ms. Mees making a comment that the CBE stood to make a profit without having actually put in any effort in this matter, which made her uncomfortable but the issue was decided in favor of allowing the entrepreneurial staff member to go ahead with his entrepreneurial venture, with the Columbia Schools being entitled to having a share of profits accrued as per a contract………….

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