Supply chain sustainability McDonalds Australia -

Supply chain sustainability McDonalds Australia

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Supply Chain Management Assignment Question

Write a 3000- word research report critically analysing the key sustainability aspects of the organization’s current supply chain. You are expected to demonstrate appropriate understanding and usage of relevant supply chain management (SCM) theory, concepts, tools and techniques covered in the weekly lectures and prescribed readings.
Your submitted report should specifically address the following:
1. Provide a detailed description of the current SCM practices of the organization;
2. Provide a detailed description of the sustainability management practices of the organization;
3. Provide a critical appraisal of the extent to which you perceive a match between 2 and 3, and gaps if any;
4. Provide a set of recommendations to improve the match
between current SCM and sustainability practices.

Supply Chain Assignment Solution


Supply chain sustainability is a growing practice in every business these days. Organizations are striving to improve their supply chain sustainability to make the business more profitable and sustainable. The analysis below has been attempted on the supply chain sustainability of McDonald’s Australia and based on the findings, recommendations have been suggested. The analysis starts with the introduction of supply chain sustainability followed by the background description of McDonald’s and McDonald’s Australia. An explanation of the reasons for choosing the organization has also been presented. Then a description of the exiting SCM practices and processes has been explained. The sustainability practice of McDonald’s Australia has also been explained in detail with the primary focus on supply chain management. Then the critical assessment between supply chain management and sustainability practices of McDonald’s Australia has been attempted. Based on the finding of the critical appraisal recommendations have also been suggested for the company.


The background section would cover aspects such as the description of the basic business model of McDonald’s globally as well as in Australia. It would explain the basic history and present scenario of the organization, followed by its progress in Australia. This part of the analysis would also cover the reason for the selection of the organization.……………….


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