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Tourism Assignment Question

You are required to complete an annotated bibliography that relates to relevant theoretical concepts for Assessment 3.
1. See the Academic Skills Guide on 'Writing an Annotated Bibliography', on the MySCU site for this unit, that has been produced by SCU Academic Skills Development.
2. Briefly summarise and critically evaluate the relevance of four (4) sources of academic literature (academic books or journal articles) that are relevant to the essay question in Assignment 3 (see instructions for Assignment 3). Note: Your Weaver and Lawton text and Readings should not be used as academic sources for this assessment.
3. Your annotated bibliography should be presented as follows (250 words per article):
provide a heading for each academic source that has the full bibliographic details of
each source arranged in alphabetical order and punctuated according to the Harvard
referencing system (see http://libguides.scu.edu.au/harvard)
provide an overview or brief description of the contents of each source and a critical
analysis of each source (strengths and weaknesses of the text)
provide a statement of the relevance or usefulness of each source in relation to the
essay question (see Assignment 3).
4. Reflection on learning – provide a 200-word reflection of how you consider that your critical
reading and information literacy skills have developed through work on this assignment.

Tourism Assignment Solution

1. Paper 1: Geographic Research on Tourism in Latin America (Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt)
Aquiles Rocha de Farias, etc., 2009. Tourism and the Brazilian Economy: An analysis of the input-output matrix. Research. Sao Paolo: Enzo Paci Papers World tourism organization.
This research paper focuses on the study that goes into developing the tourism industry in the Latin American region. It gives a detailed view of how things were and how tourism has evolved in the region over the years. What is really inspirational is the methodology of the research. Besides collecting secondary data, the paper also stresses on the fact that a lot of information has been compiled by taking into consideration various reports by the industry and countries. There is a pattern study that has been conducted to analyze which areas is tourism really flourishing in and what has been contributing to this growth. For example, it speaks of how the areas with resorts have a higher concentration of tourists because of the services available to them. Some people visit new places in search of adventure; while the others visit in search of peace and relaxation. It is important to understand what you are providing the tourist. Last but not least; the paper speaks of the relevance of research in boosting tourism. The time spent in studying patterns and performing such studies is very essential to boost the tourism department in Latin American countries and all over the world.

2. Paper 2: Latin America and the Caribbean Economic Growth and the Environment, 2010–2020 (Christine Pendzich, 2010)
Christine Pendzich, 2010. Latin America and the Caribbean Economic Growth and the Environment, 2010-2020. Research. Mexico: USAID Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars.
The research report primarily focuses on an analysis of trends in the region. It is a very comprehensive study of the demographic, ecological, cultural and external factors that contribute to the development of a country and contribute to its attractiveness. Right from the population statistics to the human development indices in the countries, this research paper touches upon each and every factor that one has to analyze while studying any country. While reading about the population concentration and other factors like life expectancy, we can judge a lot about how the government takes care of the country and its people. It is useful in studying the living conditions in a certain place. One of the primary reasons to pick this research paper is that it is a one of a kind report that is not only detailed and unbiased, but it also helps us to look at the tourism industry in the region with a more critical view. It is only when you know everything about a place that you can judge why people would want to visit or not want to visit. Primarily focused on Latin America and the Caribbean, this research report is probably the best judge of life and society in the region. Such a report will be the base of study of the tourism sector of any country.

3. Sustainable tourism research: an analysis of papers published in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism (Jiaying Lu, Sanjay K. Nepal, 2009)
Jiaying Lu, Sanjay K. Nepal, 2009. Sustainable tourism research: an analysis of papers published in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 17(1), pp.5-16.
Unlike the previous two documents, this paper is a critical analysis of the sustainability of tourism at various destinations. The different countries and regions of the world have been compared on basis of statistics. These statistics are only to understand where the countries stand with respect to each other on the Tourism front. Our purpose of selecting this paper is to convey that it is not only important to build the tourism industry and promote it on various platforms, it is also very important to maintain and sustain a good reputation that the tourism destination has. This can only be done by figuring out what tourists like in your country and what efforts is the government taking to sustain this likeability in the long run. Another difference from the other articles is, this paper does not concentrate on one dimension or one location. It gives an overview of the world scenario and leaves it to you to judge what measures need to be taken. As mentioned, more than building, it is about sustaining. For any nation to contribute significantly to tourism growth, it has to ensure its current scenario is under control and all the required policies and provisions are in place and well maintained. The previous papers told us how certain factors in a location can make it more appealing to tourists. This paper tells us how to sustain that appeal.

4. Tourism and the Brazilian Economy: An analysis of the input-output matrix (Aquiles Rocha de Farias, etc., 2009)
Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt, Aquiles Rocha deFarias, Geographic Research on Tourism in Latin America. Research. Mississippi: Mississippi State Univ Department of Geology and Geography, Mississippi State Univ.

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