Advanced Topics In Cyber Security Assignment 2 -

Advanced Topics In Cyber Security Assignment 2

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Information Technology Assignment Question

In this assignment, your task is to investigate the application and implementation of secure computation protocols. 


1. Application Scenario. Pick one application scenario of interest to you, where secure computation proto cols can offer a potential solution to the security requirements of the parties involved. Example application scenarios include: 

  • Privacy preserving data mining (with a specific application in mind). 
  • Private e-auctions 
  • Private information retrieval 
  • Private biometric identification or authentication 
  • Private e-voting 

You are not required to choose an application from the above list; you can find your own application scenario. 

2. Protocol Design for Core Functionality. For your choice of application scenario, identify and explain the core functions that need to be computed securely among the parties involved and the security requirements for the parties involved. Pick at least one of those core functions, and design a secure computation protocol to implement this core function. You may use any of the techniques covered in the lectures, or any other references you find. 

3. Protocol Implementation. Implement a ‘proof of concept’ prototype of your core function protocol from (2). You may use any programming language/framework for your implementation (e.g. one of the frameworks pointed to in the lectures). 

4. Efficiency Evaluation. Evaluate the efficiency of your implementation experimentally on sample inputs, and compare it to theoretical efficiency estimates for your protocol design. Evaluate or estimate how efficient your protocol is likely to be if scaled up to input sizes expected in practical application scenarios for your protocol. 

5. Security Evaluation. Evaluate the security of your implementation. 

6. Comparison to State of the Art and Research Directions. Compare the performance and security of your protocol to those of any state of the art protocols for this task that you find in the research literature, and outline possible directions for improvements of your protocol and state of the art protocols. Aim to answer the following questions: is your protocol or the state of the art protocol more efficient and/or secure and why? What aspects need to be improved in your and state of the art protocols to make your envisaged application scenario practical and secure (if applicable, you should consider here also other core functions needed in the application scenario besides the core function you implemented)? What possible directions do you see for achieving such improvements? 

Submit a report of your answers to tasks 1-6. Your report will graded with the following mark allocation: approporiate and correct protocol design for chosen application scenario (tasks 1-2, 6 Marks), implementation design and code (task 3, 6 Marks), evaluation and analysis (tasks 4-6, 8 Marks).

Information Technology Assignment Answer


Security has become one of the necessities to any kind of application in today’s world. The introduction of different kinds of attacks is demanding safety measures to be addressed. Wireless communication is more vulnerable to attacks than a wired network. Hence security to a hand-held device becomes mandatory.

Whatsapp application, an application provided to the customer avails with different functionalities including exchanging messages, text files, photos, videos and chatting. A user from one end of the network will be able to communicate with another user. Chatting is one of the familiar and popular ways of communicating and sharing the views with another. Conversation can happen between two individuals, individual and a group and between two groups. In the present study, one-one chat scenario is considered.

Application Scenario

Technology today has provisioned the users with messaging, sharing files/videos/images/information, promoting products, business transactions and many entertainment methods. Advances in technology have increased the occurrence of threats. To prevent such happenings, encrypting the data before being transmitted conserves privacy and confidentiality. 

The scenario considered in this assignment – “Chat conversation” in Whatsapp application (Chipunza & Crispen, 2013) (Bouhnik, Dan, & Deshen, 2014)happening between groups or individuals. This is an instant message functionality provided to Android users. To share data and communicate the applications require the server to bridge the two devices. The application provides encryption for some operations.

 The inventor has used Java, C, C++, and Python to make the application work. Whatsapp server does not store any data regarding the chat conversation (moxie0, 2013). The invention uses SSL (Wagner, David, & Schneier, 1996) to get into chat conversation. The innovation provides End-to-End security using signal protocol (moxie0, Open Whisper Systems, 2016) and making the shared information liable to get compromised by a man-in-the-middle attack. In Signal protocol the sender uses Chain key (author, Ostry, Shaheen, Hianto, & Jha, 2011) and the signature key to encrypt the messages and calls using pairwise messaging protocol.

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