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Human Resource Assignment Question

What learning and development strategies are required to optimise the strategic and operational effectiveness of organisational diversity?

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With the increase in globalisation and liberalisation of economies, companies become highly diverse in terms of the workforce. The people associated with the company have a different culture, norms and opinions that affect organisational culture. The purpose of the essay is to explain the significance of diversity for the organisation and suggestion various ways to handle it appropriately. The essay also includes operational and strategic tactics to deal with issues related to organisational diversity.

The essay has described the diversity along with its significance to the companies. Further, in a current essay, the role of equal employment opportunities, human resource policies and training and development for managers and supervisors has also discussed in detail. This essay has shed light on the key factors that can cause success or the failure of diversity management programs. Overall, the essay is completely revolving around the diversity which is most essential part of today’s business environment.

Organizational Diversity – Learning and development strategies
The definition of diversity explains the organisational set up where individuals, belongs to various culture, race, ethnicities, belief system, norms, age and gender, work together, keeping the ego aside and respecting the values of each other (Mazur, 2010).  If an organisation is able to manage diversity, then it could be considered as an ideal working environment for employees. Diversity has become highly significant for the companies. The major advantage of diversity is that it allows gaining competitive advantage and increasing the productivity of employees.……………

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