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TASK: Select three (3) leaders to examine (two from the textbook and the third may be from  the textbook or another leader of your choosing). As a group, research and analyse the  leadership styles of your selected leaders with reference to the leadership concepts covered in  the unit (ethics, evolution of leadership, psychology of leadership, multi-cultural leadership,  leadership theories). Compare and contrast the selected leaders and present an argument for  which of the leaders presents the most effective leadership style for the contemporary  globalised economy.

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Globalisation has created the need for international corporations. The effectiveness of global corporate Leadership in the prevailing highly competitive environment is important for organisations as well as managing the workforce (Chuang 2013). The level of complexity of Leadership and management in organisations is on the rise due to the dynamics of the globalised economies, the changing nature of organisations and technological advances (Dike, Odiwe & Ehujor 2015). Organisations are exerting undue pressure on the leaders to adopt a practical approach to motivate their followers and share organisational vision and values to improve performance and realise objectives.

The complications of global organisational Leadership depict the need for cross-cultural leaders to view the changing business scenario as a challenge and develop a prospect for business growth and personnel development. Global leaders have to strengthen their interpersonal skills to handle multi-cultural and racial conflicts and to build individualism and team spirit in the workplace (Prewitt, Weil & McClure 2011). This report explores the leadership styles of Franklin D Roosevelt, the former President of the USA, Jack Welch, the former Chairman of General Electric and Steve Jobs, the Co-founder and former CEO and Chairman of Apple Inc. based on the attributes of ethics, leadership evolution, multiculturalism, leadership theories and the psychology of Leadership. Further, a comparison and an argument as to which among the three leaders have the most effective leadership style to suit the current globalised economic scenario are carried out.

Based on the chronological order of their birth, the following paragraphs detail the leadership traits of Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR), Jack Welch and Steve Jobs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a complex and controversial leader who was regarded as extremely effective in his office as the 32nd President of the USA. He had an intense impact on the country as well as the world recognising him as one of the transformational personnel of the 20th century and one of the best presidents of the USA. He was reported to showcase several characteristics such as quick study, ability to connect with people, a higher degree of self-confidence, commitment, strong character, ability to draw a clear vision and political skills to accomplish his vision (The Hauenstein Center 2005) and (Mendenhall et al. 2013). He expressed a serene, optimistic and potent behaviour that touched millions of hearts (Hastings 2009). From the leadership trait perspective, individuals tend to have special innate qualities that make them leaders and differentiate them from non-leaders (Dicob 2016).

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